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If you could use a lot of email addresses and even user names for improving your online marketing business and you wouldn’t want to do all the searching manually, or, God forbid, buy them from some company, then what you need is Atomic Email Hunter. It does all the harvesting for you and pries out those much-needed emails to increase the size of your mailing list.

How does It Function?

Using Atomic Email Hunter is almost like using a search engine. There are two main ways to go about it: you can either enter an URL of a website or some keywords to find particular sites. What follows is a thorough search that results in a bunch of sites conforming to your keywords and a bunch of emails therein. Oh, and you can use keywords when you search on sites too in order to give the program a target-specific guideline. Atomic Email Hunter allows for several search options and other functionalities which we’ll be taking a look at next.

Search and Extract

Two search types are at your disposal: fast and detailed. As you might have guessed, the fast one comes up with less email addresses than the detailed search, because of obvious reasons. The 42 search engines installed within the program give you something to choose from. Now let’s go a bit deeper to get a more complete picture of the search features offered by Atomic Email Hunter.

Define and Limit Your Search Area

You can add search limitations by choosing whether to search on a single site only, on one page or in sub folders etc.


Similarly to the search limitations mentioned earlier you can basically do the same when it comes to domains, length of URLs, email addresses and other stuff. You can filter domains in or out by defining what the URL should or should or should not contain. The same goes for email addresses. The program lets you tone down the amount of emails it extracts and domains it seeks out by giving you the choice to set the maximum number of emails for a website or the maximum length of an URL. You can also set the priority pages.

Hidden Emails – Ignore Them

It is understood that hidden emails are well-known carriers of spam. Be sure to activate the option that makes Atomic Email Hunter bypass these emails.

Email Addresses in JavaScripts

The function “Parse JavaScript” when activated enables the program to get emails from within the JavaScript. This type of search will take additional time, but can be more rewarding.

Skip Email-Scarce Domains

This timesaver of an option makes it possible to determine a specific amount of web-pages of a domain, and if the hunter does not find any emails on those pages, the domain will be skipped to speed up the search process.

More Useful Features

Atomic Email Hunter has a log and a queue tab that can give you an overview of your search process results both time- and number-wise. The queue and log results can be saved to the Clipboard or a file. The program automatically saves partial search results and can export the whole list of emails extracted into the likes of Word and Excel. It also takes only a click to send your extracted email addresses to another Atomic program.


If you’re an avid e-marketer then bolstering your email list is a priority, which Atomic Email Hunter can help you with. By representing itself as a specified user agent, the program is basically transparent to the searched website’s owners. It sets the timeout between requests to a server, so that there is less possibility of being rejected. Atomic Email Hunter can use proxy servers to protect your anonymity and decrease the risk of being blocked by a website for exceeding the limit of access attempts. The program is fast as it opens many pages at once.

The Mailbox Plugin

This plugin allows you to make use of your own contacts and insert them to a mailing list. The plugin scans all email messages and extracts all email addresses (save your own), including those mentioned in the texts, if you choose. The price is 24.85 – a tad high.

Price Info and Verdict

You can get the product for 69.85 Euros. Considering the fact that you can get a decent list of emails in no time with this hunter, then go and get it. However, you’ll be getting people’s emails without their consent – if that presents an ethical dilemma to you, then let the program be. But business is business.

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