4 Professional Job Board Themes for WordPress

The WordPress theme bank is almost endless – no matter who creates the themes. A lot of theme developers market their themes with a monetization incentive. That’s a good call because if you combine the simplicity of WordPress with the chance of making money then who wouldn’t jump on board?! This article is devoted to a sort of universal way everyone involved benefits from the use of WordPress themes – therefore I will tell you about 4 professional job board themes for WordPress. These themes are the DailyWP JobPress, AppThemes JobRoller, Templatic Job Board, and Enginethemes JobEngine. Now, was I right when I said “universal benefit” before, or what?

1. AppThemes JobRoller

AppThemes JobRoller review


There are several, if not even a lot, of child themes available to enhance the functionality of JobRoller. These child themes cab be obtained from the AppThemes Marketplace, but I suggest you read my article on AppThemes JobRoller Child themes first.

Just like JobPress, JobRoller has its share of useful features too. Employers and job seekers once again have their own account panels where they make things happen, and you get paid for it.

Job Seekers, Employers, and Recruiters

Job seekers have their own portals where they can upload their CV, update their profile, and be searchable. The “apply for job” form is also usable as it enables the job seekers to directly upload their resume and cover letter, and get it to the employer. If a person creates and account, they can choose to get a profile as a recruiter too, which unlocks more features necessary for the employment recruiter role. Job seekers can list job-relevant features in their resume, the database of which is visible on the site and can be searched.


JobRoller allows you to import jobs from Indeed, SimplyHired, Careerjet, and Linkedln – this function makes it possible to populate your site with jobs fast. Indeed comes with no extra charge, the other feed plugins you have to purchase from the AppThemes Marketplace.

Other Quite Important Features

When logos are uploaded with job listings, JobRoller resizes them automatically into three different sizes. Auto-complete search fields and jQuery Lazy Load feature are also available and make browsing your site effortless. The theme has integrated facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics support, minor site design capabilities, email alert system, and much more that I don’t have room for to talk about here.

More info – Demo

2. DailyWP JobPress

DailyWP JobPress review

The first WordPress job board theme in line is JobPress by DailyWP. This theme provides you everything necessary to get started. People can submit jobs and apply for them, add resume listings, search for jobs, and more.

JobPress Dashboards

Both employers and job seekers get their own dashboards where they can manage jobs. Employers, for example, can add jobs and corresponding listings, search for potential resumes and save them as well as contact job seekers. The people who are looking for a job can use their dashboard account to browse the site for jobs, apply for them, plus create and manage their resumes. Users can also post online job applications.


Users can purchase premium listings – be it featured jobs or resumes. Featured listings are customized can be made to stand out from standard listings easily. Administrators are able to add job categories and types into the listings.

Additional Features of JobPress

I noticed an interesting feature in this WordPress job board theme – it has a built-in translator. You don’t have to mess around with the language files anymore as you can translate your site straight from the dashboard. JobPress is integrated with Facebook and Linkedln, has an internal mail messaging system, and is responsive i.e. is mobile-device friendly. And when it comes to transactions, then I’m sure that the two gateways supported (PayPal and 2Checkout) will suffice.

More info – Demo

3. Templatic Job Board Theme

Templatic Job Board Theme review

There’s nothing really unique to this theme when compared to others – it still has the same purpose, which is to provide jobs for job seekers and employers with employees. And you need some monetization features as well – they’re all here.

Job Seekers and Job Providers

Job providers, employers – what’s the difference? It’s no surprise to you, I’m sure, but the Templatic Job Board theme has user-related features almost identical in nature to the previous themes. Job seekers can submit resumes and manage them while job providers can submit new jobs and browse through resumes.

Forms and Navigation

Custom fields can be added to job and resume submission forms, expanding on the original type for more flexibility. The theme also comes with custom widgets displaying “featured” and “latest” jobs or resumes. The widget area can be modified to suit the needs of different pages and areas of your job board website.


Several payment gateways such as PayPal, 2Co, and Authorize.net are available. You can make money off your job board website by creating price packages that users can purchase if they wish to submit jobs or resumes on your site.

Side Features

The blog function retains its usability and you can still add regular blog posts to your job board website. Certain areas of the website can be used to paste your ad code to, so you are able to make some dime from that too. The theme comes with a bunch of built-in page templates, supports popular browsers, a lot of third party plugins, and has a basic SEO tool. And let’s not forget – you can give your job board website a paint job too.

More info – Demo

4. Enginethemes JobEngine

Enginethemes JobEngine review

The elegant JobEngine is the last on the list that makes up this article. The theme prides itself as being simple and smart at the same time. Let’s see if there’s truth to that!


JobEngine comes with a slick adaptive color scheme that you can use to tweak the exterior image of your site. The theme also has a front-end control panel where managing everything related to your site is made easy. The use of Ajax-powered applications makes your website seem nice and smooth.

Posting and Submitting for Jobs

JobEngine makes submitting jobs quite simple and professional at the same time. Being a site administrator, you can designate what priced packages to create and what they will feature if people obtain them. In order for employers and companies to post jobs, they have to create an account, of course. Job seekers can upload resumes and search by jobs or by companies. Subscribing to new jobs is simple with the subscription wizard. The theme has a general settings tab where you can configure info about job types, payment, mailing, and language functions.

Transactions and Monetizing Your Site

You get paid via membership packages that people purchase – that much is clear. The money moves via payment gateways like PayPal, Google Checkout, and 2Checkout. In the “transactions” section you are able to see all completed and pending payments as well as settings for payment gateways. Payment gateways can also be tested before real use.

Other Features

The built-in translator tool lends a hand when necessary. The theme comes with six pre-installed languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French), but you can add as many other languages as you want and translate your site with the help of the tool. The theme is constantly updated and perfected.

More info – Demo

What The 4 Job Board Themes for WordPress Cost

JobPress by DailyWP is $119 for the professional license (single site installation + footer initials), and $169 for the developers license (multiple sites + PSD files + no obligation on footer initials).

JobRoller by AppThemes costs $99 for the standard package (unlimited sites) and $159 for the developer package (unlimited sites + PSD files).

Job Board by Templatic is $49 for the standard license (one domain) and $99 for the developer license (unlimited domains + PSD files).

Job Engine by Enginethemes is $129 for the theme alone (unlimited sites + PSD files). You can also purchase extra plugins that are priced between $9 and $39 and extend the functionality of your job board website by adding features such as custom fields, coupon support, feed imports, and more!

All themes are mobile-responsive.

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