6 Best Registry Cleaner Software – Short Overview

Why Use Registry Cleaners

Registry cleaner tools are usually meant for speeding up your computer by means of removing info clutter from the registry. You activity leaves traces on your system that tend to pile up as time goes by and then start to slow down your machine. To maintain a healthy, well-balanced system, you should think about getting a registry cleaner program that can help to keep your computer running smoothly. In this text about the 6 best registry cleaner software I have gathered some of the most effective registry cleaner software into a single article.

Reviversoft Registry Reviver

Registry items such as ActiveX/COM objects, app paths, use shell folders, fonts, shared DLLs and more will be scanned for thoroughly. Registry Reviver also provides features for automatic backups and startup manager. The cool thing about this one is that you can almost fully automate everything the tool does – from scheduling scans to defrag and backups.

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Sammsoft ARO 2013

ARO 2013 can help you clean and tweak your registry to optimize PC performance. The software scans for common registry items as well as junk files that take up space on your machine and cause slowdowns. ARO 2013 can also do a security check on your computer to see whether you have all the necessary security software installed. The tool has defrag and backup features as well.

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ZookaWare RegZooka

RegZooka is next in line – although it is nothing new. The tool scans for the same registry entries like the previous registry cleaners (ActiveX and COM objects, application paths, shared DLLs, fonts, and so on), makes it possible to create backups and defrag your registry too. The RegZooka startup manager lets you choose which programs launch at startup. The tool is designed toward ease of use and has detailed logs of all scans.

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Uniblue Registry Booster

This registry cleaner application is probably the most professional-looking of the bunch possibly due to the fact that the developers are Microsoft partners. Anyway, the tools has some decent features to clean your computer registry (including registry scan, backup, and defragging). Uniblue Registry Booster can fix registry issues by detecting errors in registry items like AtciveX/COM/OLE, fonts, help files, startup sections, application paths, shared DLLs, etc.

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Avanquest Registry Utilities

Scanning for registry items such as ActiveX/COM, help file locations, windows installer errors, temporary files, program shortcuts to save a few, Avanquest Registry Utilities has a corresponding toolset to deal with Windows registry problems. The program can create backups and defrag your registry, and even undo registry repairs one-by-one if need be.

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ParetoLogic RegCure Pro

This registry repair tool allows for scanning and removing malware as well. It scans for the usual registry items mentioned more than once in the previous paragraphs of this article, and speeds up your computer by eliminating the related issues. RegCure Pro can remove privacy and junk files, defrag memory, create backups and restore points, and other interesting stuff.

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Each of these tools costs some $29.95. The price may differ in cents, but that’s not important.


The registry cleaner applications discussed in this article of 6 best registry cleaner software are all very useful and come highly recommended if you face issues with your registry and want to speed up your computer.

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