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Make Your Own Affiliate Stores - utilize DatafeedrOnline affiliate business has a prerequisite: you need to have a site that promotes some sort of products for people to buy them, so you could get a commission. A lot of people write product reviews (as you can see), but some set up their own affiliate stores as well and earn considerable money for selling big-time products. If you would like to create your own shop for affiliate purposes, then here’s something you might be interested in: Datafeedr.

WordPress Plugin for Online Store Creation

Aye, Datafeedr is a WP plugin. If you know WordPress then this sounds easy already.

Datafeedr Features – No. 1 – Store Design

I’ll keep it nice and short for fear of overwhelming you. You can have every page of your store look different as you can edit product titles, descriptions and upload images, plush you can set the limit of products for a page. If you know something about PHP, you can use that knowledge to create custom templates.

Datafeedr Features – No. 2 – Products and Affiliates

The main thing about Datafeedr and its reputation as an affiliate store builder is that if you don’t yet have your own products, you can load affiliate products into your shop from nearly thirty affiliate networks. You can use their descriptions too, but I’d come up with my own if I were you. The upper limit for the products you can have in your store is 100, 000.

Datafeedr Features – No. 3 – Updates

Datafeedr updates your shop and the products within automatically each time a change occurs with the original products. That way you can ensure the up-to-date information and availability of your products.

Create a Profitable Online Store

If you sum up what I have just read, then the title above could be about you. After all, it’s the determination that always counts.


Since this text was just a fragment, have a look at my entire review of Datafeedr as well if you find the time.


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