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AgencyPress Review - Premium WordPress Theme for Creating an Online Community SiteAgencyPress

This WordPress online community theme I’m reviewing is  called AgencyPress. It was developed by PremiumPress and is a premium WordPress theme for creating your own online community, dating, or agency sites. I’d like to state that having a focused community site on your hands is a very good way to attract traffic, because people who are interested in the subject field that your site has expertise in are either going to be consistent members or recurring visitors. If you want to build an online community site, use AgencyPress. There are video tutorials available to help you set up the theme rather easily.

Features of AgencyPress – What Can It Do and What is It For

The purpose of AgencyPress is rooted in the fact that it was created to get like-minded people together. It can be seen as a WordPress dating theme, agency theme or simply just an online community theme.

AgencyPress Membership Options

You can create both free and paid membership packages. Since this is a premium WordPress theme that you have paid for, you would probably want to charge a bit for your financial efforts. AgencyPress meets you halfway.

Online Modelling Agency

You can use AgencyPress as your very own modelling agency that operates online. The featured model carousel function spins recent prominent model preview profiles on the site. The model profiles provide a detailed listing of the model with all the relevant information so he/she can be found quickly.

AgencyPress Member Search Options

If new users join your community, they will have to fill a submission page for their profile that contains a lot of information about them. This info, in turn, allows for a detailed search function which can be used to find people based on their age, sex, location and so on. As you can see, AgencyPress takes care of the search infrastructure of your new online community site.

Inter-Member Communication

Every social networking site, including the online community provided by AgencyPress, should have an internal system through which members can find and send messages to each other. Premium Press has developed AgencyPress with this function in mind also, so no communication between members will be crippled. After your WordPress site transforms into an online community site with the help of AgencyPress, there will be forums and chatrooms for members only available as well to further strengthen the community feeling.

There’s More That Members can Do With AgencyPress

Users can have several profiles and can manage them too.

Price of the AgencyPress Theme Pack

The theme costs 79 dollars. Of course, that’s not exactly cheap, but think how you can earn that money back! Let’s say you charge a dollar for a premium member account. Given that you’ve done your niche research and SEO, the traffic driven to your site will more than compensate the price you paid for the product.

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These sorts of community sites are popular among people. If you insert a dating element into it, then all the better, because, let’s be honest, a lot of people are looking for a partner in the Internet nowadays for the excitement it provides. You could very well do so in real life, which, in my opinion, would be the preferred choice, but that notion is not a part of this article! Take Care!


But if you are an Internet marketer, then having an online community that can earn you some money would not be a bad move. So go and take a look at AgencyPress.

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