AppThemes ClassiPress Child Themes – Quick Overview

Here’s a bunch of child themes for ClassiPress, a classified ads theme for WordPress developed by AppThemes. These themes will enable you to build on the functionality of the parent theme. Have a look at my quick overview of AppThemes ClassiPress child themes.

1. Ultra Classifieds

Appthemes Ultra Classifieds

 If you want to add more flexibility to ClassiPress, then Ultra Classifieds is a great choice! The theme comes with a decent set of features that includes two additional layouts for the home page, category icons, advanced ad manager with the option of displaying related ads, and endless color combinations. Even more so, the theme is mobile-responsive, integrates more social networks, and adds the social networks “sharing function”.

The price is $49. Have a look whether Ultra Classifieds is worth it.

2. Simply Responsive

Appthemes Simply Responsive

This responsive child theme enhances ClassiPress in ways that it retains the large ad images on mobile devices, adds a larger image slider, moves Google Maps from the sidebar to main single ad page are, so it could be bigger, keeps the SelectBox dropdown styles on mobiles, and more. In general, the child theme is designed for making the user experience better on mobile devices, but it also has other cool features.

Decide for yourself if Simply Responsive is what you need. The theme costs $49.

3. eClassify

Appthemes eClassify classipress child theme

This one enhances your ClassiPress site by simplifying the customization from its very own theme options panel that includes several new skins, layouts, unlimited color and custom background combinations, plus a unique ad module and increased social network integration. I’d hate to forget the responsiveness of this child theme, so I won’t.

Get eClassify for $49.

 4. Jibo

Appthemes Jibo classipress child theme

Jibo is responsive. The layout design of the theme is grid-list based; the theme itself features jQuery UI tabs, Infinite Scroll pagination, extended ads and Google Maps features.

Here’s Jibo. It costs $39.

5. MultiPort

Appthemes MultiPort classipress child theme

Another responsive child theme, MultiPort enables you to switch colors effortlessly, adds support for featured ribbons in ad listings, as well as “sold” ribbons and “sold” stamps in single ads. Featured ads have highlighted background, URLs and emails in posts can be clicked on, plus tabs are further categorized.

$39’s the price – is you’re interested in MultiPort.

6. Commerce & Classifieds

Appthemes Commerce & Classifieds classipress child theme

This ClassiPress child theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and is beautifully responsive with its gentle layout and five color skins. Commerce & Classifieds gives you font design options, and ad tags.

If you’ve got $59 then Commerce & Classifieds could be yours.

7. Eldorado

Appthemes Eldorado classipress child theme

Eldorado is a child theme for ClassiPress that has better tabs, adds various ribbons in listings and single ads, plus bigger sliders and Google Maps. The theme is responsive and compatible with WordPress multisite mode.

Having $39 is good because then you can consider Eldorado.

8. Remix

Appthemes Remix classipress child theme

WooCommerce plugin compatible, Remix is also a responsive child theme with a lot of color schemes, ad and social networks features.

The price is $49. Find out what Remix is about.

9. Grid

Appthemes Grid classipress child theme

The main feature of Grid is that it enables you to display ads in grid view. The theme has some standard ClassiPress options, is responsive, and comes with a big slider that shows full pictures.

Grid is $19.

10. Flannel

Appthemes Flannel classipress child theme

The grungy Flannel child theme has a quite cool design and comes with standard ClassiPress features. It is not responsive.

Buy Flannel for $39.

11. ClassiSky

Appthemes ClassiSky classipress child theme

This child theme is a good choice if you need resolutions kept sharp on all devices, even if graphics are diminished. ClassiSky does just that – it speeds up page loading times while retaining the original clarity of images.

The child theme costs $49 – go and see ClassiSky in action.

12. Phoenix

Appthemes Phoenix classipress child theme

The Phoenix child theme is fully responsive, and makes it possible to use ribbons in listings, sticky ads in various places, and the expanded featured slider.

For $39, Phoenix is yours.

13. ClassiEstate

Appthemes ClassiEstate classipress child theme

ClassiEstate transforms your ClassiPress website into a fully functional real estate website, adding a large featured slider, large main property photo option, additional details list, and a form generator. Needless to say, ClassiEstate fits the page layouts to the pages used in property listings websites.

Try out ClassiEstate – it’s only $39.

14. ClassiClean

Appthemes ClassiClean classipress child theme

A child theme that’s minimalistic, old-school, and black-white, ClassiClean comes with some ad tags and can be used well on mobile devices.

Price – $29. ClassiClean is cheap, and looks like it.

15. Headline

Appthemes Headline classipress child theme

You can use Headline to make your classified ad listing site look even more professional than with ClassiPress alone, as the child theme adds support for plugins like “Extreme Carousel” and “Advanced Search Premium”.

See the Headline. Get it for $39.

16. Citrus Night

Appthemes Citrus Night classipress child theme

Ask your visitors to come over to the darker side with Citrus Night, a child theme of mystic colors, standard ribbons support in ads, and crown images on featured ads. Oh, and “responsiveness” is also the key word here.

Citrus Night is $39. Enter Citrus Night.

That was the long list of the AppThemes ClassiPress child themes.

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