Appthemes Discount Coupon Codes – Informative List of Appthemes Themes and their Discount Codes

I’m not wrong to think that when you have the chance to get something cheaper than its original price, you take that chance. So here it is – an article conveying Appthemes Discount Coupon Codes for six themes. These are ClassiPress, JobRoller, Clipper, Quality Control, Vantage, and Ideas.

Classipress discount codeClassiPress WordPress Theme Overview – Responsive Classified Ads Theme

Let’s kick it off with ClassiPress. I have written a more thorough piece of writing about ClassiPress floating around this site somewhere, so be sure and find it. ClassiPress comes loaded with all sorts of features you might find useful when building a classified ads website. For starters, the theme enables you to fully customize the look and function of your classified ads website homepage, and manage search systems. You can set up various categories with the custom field & for builder, and create membership packages with prices based on different values that you can designate with the ClassiPress Ad Pack module. The theme also allows for use of the Facebook widget, as well as logging in through social networks. ClassiPress is responsive, multi-lingual, and payment gateway supported, plus comes equipped with much other cool stuff.


All of the Appthemes’ themes described in this article have the same price: it is $99 for the standard package and $159 for the developer package.

Oh, here’s the ClassiPress coupon code: WPLIFT

Since ClassiPress supports the use of child themes, I have written a text about those as well – see my article on AppThemes ClassiPress Child Themes.

Otherwise, go check out ClassiPress.

Jobroller discount coupon codeJobRoller WordPress Theme Overview – Responsive Job Board Theme

Rolling up job offers on your corresponding website is always a good idea, especially when you can make a decent buck while at it. AppThemes’ Job Roller is a job board theme for WordPress that is flexible in its simplicity. Job Roller hosts several useful features make your life easier and even good when running a job board website. The theme offers functionality for employers, recruiters and job seekers by allowing them to have their own portals and dashboards that facilitate communication. Job Roller has several job types already preset, but you can add your own as you go along. Some technical details include AJAX & jQuery features that decrease loading times and make user experience smoother; automatic image resize tool, Indeed feeds, support for child themes and more. Money is made – you guessed it – by supplying the space for employers and employees to communicate. The profit depends on you as you set the prices. Just like ClassiPress above, this one also features integrated PayPal gateway and more.

Have a go at the coupon code: WPLIFT

See AppThemes Job Roller Child Themes.

See Job Roller itself.

Clipper Discount coupon codeClipper WordPress Coupon Code Theme Overview – Responsive Coupon Code Theme

It’s funny that I should tell you about a coupon code theme in this article of Appthemes’ discount coupon codes, but it’s suitable at the same time as well. Clipper is a useful WordPress coupon code theme that makes it possible for you to turn your existing WordPress website into a coupon code website. In addition to uploading and creating your own coupons with this theme, you can also let other people submit coupons (which they can do via the “submit coupon” form) and charge them for it – this is the main way you can make money with Clipper. Users get their own dashboards as well. The theme also has a write panel where you can customize the coupons and set their colours. Clipper enables you to set up as many coupon stores as you wish, and includes several ad spots where you can insert your code.

Coupon code: WPLIFT

Interested? Go see what Clipper has to offer.

Quality Control WordPress Theme discount couponQuality Control WordPress Theme Overview – Responsive Application Theme

Quality Control mutates your WordPress site into an issue tracking system website. The theme is integrated with both BeanStalk and GitHub, so when a code is checked in, each ticket is linked with up with changesets. Quality Control enables you to set up an unlimited number of projects as well as user accounts. You can attach documents, images or whatever that’s necessary to tickets to make user browsing more comfortable and systematic. Once you have set up projects, you can also manage their goals by set priorities, milestones, categories, tags, and assign statuses. Users can comment on tickets and collectively figure out a way how to resolve a given issue. Users can submit tickets via the ticket submission form. Other features of interest might be that the theme is multisite enabled, can be installed on unlimited websites, allows for transferring of the license and much more.

Coupon code: WPLIFT

Have a look at more Quality Control specs.

Vantage WordPress Theme Discount codeVantage WordPress Theme Overview – Responsive Business Directory Theme

Now we’re going to talk about a business directory theme called Vantage. Business directory websites are popular all over the Internet, and I don’t see any reason why not – because this WordPress theme is proof that they’re easy to create. Vantage basically works like this – you can use it to let other people or businesses submit their corresponding single listings to your site and charge them for it. This is the profit formula for most Appthemes’ themes – to provide a service your customers will pay for. Single listings contain essential fields like location (the info can be enhanced with the Google Maps support), pictures, contact, all sorts of web and social network links, but you can add even more with the form builder. Users once again get their own dashboards where they make things happen; they can write five-star rating system reviews and pick favourite listings. Since it is a long shot at first that business owners actually end up on your site to submit listings, you can lure them in by importing listings into your site yourself and watch businesses come and claim them, thus populating your website. The theme is easy to install and use.

Coupon code: WPLIFT

Read more on Vantage.

Ideas WordPress Theme coupon codeIdeas WordPress Theme Overview – Responsive Productivity Theme

This one’s interesting – it’s a customer feedback theme that’s all about the communication between you and your customers. Although customer feedback is almost always an important aspect in business, it sometimes tends to be neglected. Anyhow, with Ideas, you can build a feedback engine that engages your customers and provides valuable information. Users have their own profiles that contain info about personal details and about votes. Yes, people can vote an idea up or down. The main discussion about ideas, as well as introducing them, takes place in the comments section, the settings of which you can configure yourself. You can also choose to moderate ideas – it means that you may want to check them out yourself before they’re published. It is possible to assign statuses to ideas and assort them by author, date, category, and status on the backend. The same applies to the ideas on the frontend, only they can be filtered by the number of votes or responses. The theme supports plenty of WordPress widgets and comes with custom widgets as well. The list of features does not end here, but my room to write anything more does.

Coupon code: WPLIFT

Get some Ideas!

Alright, that’s that – you got some Appthemes discount coupon codes.

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