Article Video Robot Discount Coupon – You can Now Convert Articles into Video for 30% Less

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Article Video Robot
Expires on 01/03/2016

This will cut the original price down by 30%. Now, while roughly one third of a dollar may not seem much, it will make a heck of a difference if you’re converting, say, ten articles. Don’t you agree?

Short Rundown of Article Video Robot

Article Video Robot is a relatively basic and robust article to video converter tool that will allow you to engage in video article marketing, thus expanding on the usual plain writing a bit.

Convert Articles to Video with Article Video Robot

The first step is to copy your article into the Article Video Robot machinery. All the rest is about configuring the structure of your article such as slicing it into paragraphs, summarizing headlines, adding pictures, videos, music, background, and contact information in the resource box for credibility.

But You Left Out the most Important Part – Article to Video!

Oh yeah, there are voiceovers too – that means you can actually hear your article text being read as it cycles through different backgrounds and images. You can use some of the existing voices in the Article Video Robot database, upload a voice or record your own voice on top of your article.

The Truth

What I failed to mention above is the fact that “videos” created with Article Video Robot are not exactly videos – they are makeshift videos. The text hovering above random backgrounds and being read by a robotic voice is not exactly what you’d consider a video to be like.

But It Can’t Hurt to Have the Article Video Robot Discount Coupon

A poor man’s video marketing might just as well start with Article Video Robot – and how poor can you get with a 30% discount of a dollar? In the end, it’s still good to have a new and uncommon twist to your articles.

Read the full Article Video Robot Review to find out more and fill in the blanks.

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