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Article Video RobotArticle Video Robot – Why Use Video Marketing

People have come up with different strategies for marketing their products. One of those strategies is video marketing. The power of video marketing lies in its appeal for the lazy people who don’t want to bother themselves with reading into texts and prefer to see someone talking instead. This can be very beneficial, because hearing someone talk about a subject you’re not familiar with often makes it easier to understand. I, too choose videos over text sometimes if I need to extract info quickly and avoid complex sentences. The point of this introduction was to link video marketing with article writing which usually focuses on text. You can merge these two by using Article Video Robot that turns your articles into videos.

How Can You Convert Articles to Video with Article Video Robot

Now we can talk about video article marketing. You can turn articles into video with Article Video Robot by signing up and copy pasting your articles into the tool. Setting up your article for video converting is a process that has several parts.

Features for Arranging Your Article

Once you have inserted the body of your article into Article Video Robot, it will break the text down into paragraphs automatically. You can still go over it and make changes where necessary. You are also advised to summarize headlines for better article structure. You can also add pictures and videos to your headlines.

Article Video Robot Text to Speech

There are three ways you can add voiceover to your article. Video article marketing relies on the voice – so if it doesn’t sound good or professional or cool or whatever (you get the point), the listeners will lose interest. With this article to video converter you can upload voice, use some of the preset voices present in Article Video Robot or simply record your own voice.


Like solo artists usually need a backing band, you article needs a background too. There are plenty of stock background images available in Article Video Robot. You can cycle through different backgrounds in your article and even upload your own background images. Video marketing wouldn’t be complete without some background music – which is why there is lots of it waiting for you in the Article Video Robot database. And as it was with uploading images, you can upload your own music files as well.

The Resource Box

This is what will appear at the end of your video article – it contains information about you such as your name, email, website address, phone and so on. You can choose to show your website link throughout the video article if you want.

Article Video Robot Video Distributing

You can unleash the full advantages of video marketing only after you have made your presence known across the most important sites. Article Video Robot allows you to post your videos into 13 video sites – such as YouTube, MetaCafe etc. – and many social networks and other miscellaneous websites. But I’m guessing you have to manually create an account in any of those websites.


The cost to convert articles to video is a buck per article.


I’m not going to deny the fact that the cheap price is already worth taking a shot at this thing. And I’m for video article marketing in general too, because it brings a nice change to reading. Article Video Robot can help diversify the article marketing by adding a touch of video into the mix. Besides, you’ll be getting instant video articles with this tool. Otherwise it could take you a long time to set a video article up with your own measures.


For this cost, you’re supposed to have some drawbacks. The computer-generated voices are bland and anybody who’s checking out your article will probably not be convinced by their artificial sound. It’s probably a better idea to hire someone or do the talking yourself. And the video articles you create with Article Video Robot are not actually videos, they are more like slide shows or PowerPoint presentations with a voiceover. I strongly advise you to try this at home with freely available software instead if you can.


In this Article Video Robot Review I tried to maintain a neutral and even a positive attitude towards the tool. And, for a ridiculous price like that, I’m willing to end this piece with a favourable opinion.


You can try Article Video Robot for free too, you know. But for two weeks only 🙂

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