Atomic Email Hunter Discount Coupon – Sneaky Email Harvester Software with a 30% Discount Tag

Ooh, this one is evil! How would you like to populate your mailing list with emails of potential customers or subscribers? You can take a shot at it with this email extractor tool, it’s called Atomic Email Hunter and I’ve got just what you need here too – the Atomic Email Hunter Coupon which’ll give you a 30% discount:

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Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter Discount CouponAtomic Email Hunter

You might think that it’s difficult to use an email harvesting software like Atomic Email Hunter, but fear not – using Atomic Email Hunter is kind of like surfing through search engines, only a bit more specific. Following your coordinates (keywords, URLs) Atomic Mail Sender scans through the net and picks up emails from sites related to your keywords. You can also search on site, lift email addresses from java Scripts and skip domains that are scarce in emails.

Search Types

There are two of them. The first one is called the „fast search” option and it harvests emails faster, but less than the „detailed search” option. The latter takes more time to search, but comes up with more results. This email extractor allows you to narrow down the search as well: you can set Atomic Mail Hunter to search on one site or one page only. The same goes for sub-folders.

Atomic Email Hunter Filtering Options

When you start searching for stuff and have a list in front of you soon after, you can apply some Atomic Email Hunter filtering functions to filter domains and email addresses out on the basis of what their names should contain. You can also designate the maximum amount of emails harvested for a website, so your actions wouldn’t seem suspicious.

Price and the Atomic Email Coupon Effect

The original price for this email harvesting software is 69.85 euros. 20% off of that is a pretty big chunk.

I’ve also written an Atomic Email Hunter review.

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