Atomic Email Studio Discount Code & Review – All-in-one email marketing tool by AtomPark

Atomic Email Studio is made out of nine different programs brought together seamlessly in this one software package. From finding new emails to getting data about users campaigns effectiveness, Atomic Email Studio has it all covered and makes these processes easy to execute and the whole program is wrapped into a user-friendly interface.

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Atomic Email Studio Discount code

Atomic Email Studio reviewWhat is in the package?

You are getting quite a lot for your money. Atomic Email Studio consists of:

Atomic Mail Sender is, as the name implies, for sending emails. A more thorough review of this piece of software can be found here.

Atomic List Manager is used for keeping the mailing lists nice and tidy.

Atomic Subscription Manager is a module for automatic management of opt-in/opt-out inquiries in your mailing lists.

Atomic Mail Verifier is a program for checking if the email addresses in your lists are valid.

Atomic Email Hunter is for searching new email addresses from the Web. A longer review of this product can be found here.

Atomic Email Logger is used for mining email addresses from the user’s hard drive. Again, more information about this program can be found in this review.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is a program for extracting email addresses from UseNet newsgroups.

Atomic WHOIS Explorer is used for gathering email addresses of website owners and managers from WHOIS database.

Atomic Web Spider is a module for extracting email addresses and other data from websites’ user visits.

Five easy steps

To get started you have to create a new project (or a campaign), next you have to import a file consisting of email addresses or use one of the other email gathering ways provided. After that you can edit the mailing list. If the list of email addresses is clean, it is time to check if all the addresses are indeed valid and do exist. When all that is done, you can compose your newsletter and send it to the mailing list.

Some feature highlights

Atomic Email Studio returns quite a big chunk of statistics about users’ email campaign, for example how many of the recipients have read the newsletters, on which day of the week and at what time and also in which country the recipient resides. There is more data provided for the user.

Newsletters can be personalized for every recipient, provided the user has this sort of information, and an unlimited number of attachments can be added to them. Data about the contacts can be added through List Manager and there is no limit to how much information user can add to each contact.

As a bonus, users of Atomic Email Studio get exclusive access to AtomPark news, blogs and archives and also can choose one of the online services from a list of Atomic SMS Sender, Atomic Verifier online, Atomic List Manager online and Atomic Email Tracker online.


A free trial version of the program with many limited features can be downloaded, and that is mainly there to give the user a taste of what can be done in the full version. Atomic Email Studio costs 229€, which may seem as a hefty price but if you add up the prices of all nine modules that this software package consists of, the total price would be around 381€ so the asked price is actually quite a bargain.

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Atomic Email Studio Discount code

All in all, Atomic Email Studio provides fast and easy-to-use tools for running an email campaign.

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