Atomic Lead Extractor Review and Discount Coupon – Get This Cool Contacts Extractor Tool at a Discount Price

Atomic Lead Extractor reviewAtomPark has a bunch of products up their sleeve that serve different angles of a single purpose – Internet marketing, more specifically email marketing. Since marketing in general relies on many separate components that make it work as a whole, I’ll give you a quick and a very basic example of an Internet marketing campaign – choose a niche, research it, equip yourself with corresponding tools and software, generate leads and market yourself to them. Let’s say you have everything covered except the leads part, and you really want to get them in any way possible. Meet Atomic Lead Extractor – the lead extractor software to make everything nice and easy. This Atomic Lead Extractor review will provide you with some details and specifics of the contacts extractor itself as well as the Atomic Lead Extractor coupon towards the end.

Atomic Lead Extractor Contacts Search Features

There are two ways you can search for leads with Atomic Lead Extractor: you can enter an URL of a website where you need contacts extracted or you can type in a keyword according to which Atomic Lead Extractor will search for lead information through several supported search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, and Yahoo.

 Atomic Lead Extractor Lead Contacts Types

Whether you want to generate a list of emails, phone numbers, fax numbers, ICQ accounts, AIM accounts, Skype, and Yahoo accounts, then you can safely rely on Atomic Lead Extractor as this contacts extractor tool will provide you with a list of contact information of your choice. Emails will be collected by Atomic Lead Extractor as default, but when you want everything else too, you are going to need special plugins that cost a little. More on that below.

Atomic Lead Extractor Advantages

This one is a sneaky contacts extractor tool indeed. Scouring through the net and getting the most vital information on leads you’d otherwise most likely pay for? Hell, Atomic Lead Extractor sure has its uses. After you have extracted all the contact information you need, Atomic Lead Extractor can save the list into a text or a Microsoft Office file. The very cool part of AtomPark products in general is the fact that they all work together very well and can be bought separately too if you’re on a budget. For example, you can export the list of leads extracted by Atomic Lead Extractor straight into Atomic Mail Sender, another product by the same developers that is a bulk mailing software. You see where I’m going with this?

Price Info

Atomic Lead Extractor costs 69.85 euros. The plugin required for collecting phone and fax numbers costs 12.85 euros; the plugin for ID info extraction in instant messengers and Skype cost 7.85 and 12.85 euros respectively. So when you put all these together you’ll have to pay roughly a hundred euros to get the full deal. Not cheap.

Atomic Lead Extractor Discount Coupon

Whew! At least there’s a good side to reading this Atomic Lead Extractor review, isn’t it? Here’s the Atomic Lead Extractor Discount Coupon:

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The AtomPark tools are very practical, if a bit unethical. But that’s not a problem in marketing – I say take what you can get.

Go have a more in-depth look at Atomic Lead Extractor.

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