Atomic Mail Sender Discount Coupon – This Bulk Email Marketing Software Has a 20% Discount

Atomic Mail Sender is a mass email marketing software developed by AtomPark, which makes it possible for you to send loads of emails to different people at the same time. All you need is your mailing list. This Atomic Mail Sender discount article basically has a single purpose and that is to give you the Atomic Mail Sender coupon:

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Atomic Mail Sender

But since you probably want to know more about what this Atomic Mail Sender is, then I think I could spare some lines for that alone.

Atomic Mail Sender Discount CouponAtomic Mail Sender – The Basic Overview

If you feel that sending, say a hundred emails to different people is a daunting task when you have to write each letter separately or at least copy/paste it like that, then Atomic Mail Sender in its form of a bulk email sender software is what you could use. With Atomic Mail Sender you can customize the emails you send out, use three types of SMPT servers or a proxy server to do it and use a spam-check tool to verify that your emails won’t be tagged as spam.

The Three SMPT Servers

The built-in SMPT server sends emails faster; the external ones have to be customized in order for you to use them and limit the daily amount of emails you can send; the integrated partner SMPT server limits the amount of emails sent to 3 000 in a given period.

Spam Assassin

Spam Assassin is a tool that checks your emails before you send them out and can give instructions and recommendations on how to make them better.

When you’re in need of a bulk email marketing software like Atomic Mail Sender that can get you fast results, then use the abovementioned Atomic Mail Sender coupon and go get it.

You can check out my full Atomic Mail Sender review as well if you’re interested.

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