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Atomic mail sender review - best bulk mail senderPreliminary Information

Atomic Mail Sender is an Atomic-line product from AtomPark. If you are interested in their products and are into email marketing, then take a peek at my review of another one of their pieces, Atomic Email Hunter. Ecommerce is a rising trend and email marketing has a big role to play in it. The product I’m going to review today is Atomic Mail Sender, which is a mail sender software designed to send a bunch of emails with a click.

Getting Started

The installation is simple: all you need to do is check your firewall and antivirus settings so they won’t interfere with the program, enter your name, email address and company name, choose your SMTP server and you’re ready to begin.

Loading Up Your Email Campaign

Launching a mass email sending campaign is similar to sending a regular email. I won’t go into irrelevant details in this case, but I will mention that all you need is the body of the email and a list to send it to. There are no boundaries as to how big your list gets. But now let’s get into the details that are relevant.

Email Customisation

Both HTML and plain text editing are supported and some newsletter templates are included in the package. You can design the look of your email, personalise it by adding recipient info and insert unsubscribe links to increase the trustworthiness of your emails and not get blacklisted as being a spammer. The option of being able to add Facebook and Twitter widgets is also welcome, because social networks are a big thing in today’s online marketing.

Atomic Mail Sender Can Use SMTP and Proxy Servers

SMTP Servers Part One: The Built-in SMTP Server

There are three SMTP server choices you can make with the program: the inbuilt SMTP server, the external SMTP servers and partner SMTP server. Each of them has their pros and cons. The built-in SMTP server allows you to bypass the email sending through external SMTP servers, therefore increasing the speed of delivery. However, if your provider is not too keen on direct sending, then this option is useless.

Part Two: The External SMTP Servers

The external servers have to be customised for use and you can have an unlimited number of them, but they have a limit of how many emails you can send per day.

Part Three: The Integrated Partner SMTP Server

This SMRP server has a maximum of 3 000 emails limited to a defined time period, and is the recommended choice.

Proxy Servers

You can send emails by using Socks 4, Socks 4A and Socks5 proxy servers. You can have the program rotate between proxies. Furthermore, Atomic Mail Sender automatically checks the condition of proxy servers before staring the delivery of emails.

Avoiding Being Tagged as Spam

In addition to some of the other things essential to do in order not to be identified as spam mentioned earlier in this review, Atomic Mail Sender can use Spam Assassin to spam check your emails before you send them, so you can make the necessary adjustments it provides guidelines for. The software’s text spin ability can insert a random word or a phrase into the email to make it more unique. The word is generated in concordance with the word group created by you.

Additional Basic Features

The program has a simple mailing list management tools that allow you to add and delete email addresses as well as sort and randomise the list. In order to get a more professional tool for the job, you might consider the Atomic List Manager. But it’s not for free, of course. You can get detailed reports on your current campaign and can import mailing lists from several types of files, locations and other Atomic products.

Negative Aspects

Since the program is a downloadable application, you risk refusing your connection by your ISP if you send out too many emails to people how have not opted in to receive them. So be careful. There is no tutorial, so you have to learn as you go along. You can’t group and organise your emails. Most of the flaws are made up in additional Atomic programs like Atomic List Manager, Atomic Email Tracker and Atomic Subscription Manager, but buying them all together to cover up these flaws doesn’t sound too good when you can get your hands on other products out there that are already all-in-one.

The Good Side

If we forget about the things that Atomic Mail Sender lacks, then it’s useful and quite a low-priced email marketing software. It works fast and does what it’s supposed to do if handled with care and tact. And using bits of programs like the one we are talking about right now with others of the same line to build up the Atomic Email Studio, which covers just about everything, then it’s not a half bad choice if you don’t want to hand out hundreds in cash for a single program just now.

Price and Conclusion

Atomic Mail Sender is 69.85 Euros. It’s not really that cheap, but it’s bearable if you need software like that.

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  1.' Paul says:

    Tried Atomic Mail Sender and it was really good. What I like best is different SMTP options – built-in, external, partners, etc.

  2.' Igor says:

    Kudos for a very thorough review, Hanno! I use Atomic Mail Sender and it’s a pretty good software. Well worth the money, in my opinion.

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