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Holding auctions is pretty cool, right? I doubt you have much experience with it in real life – neither do I – but you can make a living with it in the Internet in the easiest way. I would assume that using a WordPress theme to create an auction website does not sound too difficult, so I’d like to recommend a certain theme for you – AuctionPress. Developed by PremiumPress which has come out with a bunch of other themes for different purposes, AuctionPress is a nice-and-easy WordPress theme that you can apply to make an auction website that’s quite decent. To get it you’d have to pay nearly 80 bucks – however, you’ll get a 30% discount by using this AuctionPress discount coupon:

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AuctionPress 30% Discount CouponAuctionPress Features

eBay is always something you’ll probably look up to when creating an auction website. While looking up to it is understandably not always the case, you can’t get around its web presence. AuctionPress is an auction theme for WordPress that basically mimics eBay in many ways, following in the footsteps of its winning formula. Site design, auction imports, private messaging, visitor auction submission and a feedback system – that’s what AuctionPress is. It’s nothing too sophisticated – but enough to get you up to a flying start. With a discount of 30% that start requires a little less effort.

AuctionPress Site Design Options

Knowing how to create an auction website is nothing esoteric – AuctionPress makes it rather simple. The theme comes with a built-in website designer tool that lets you alter your page colors and layouts. You can also make use of the AuctionPress drag and drop feature to configure different home page settings. There are eight sliders available for use too, as well as the feature for turning displays on or off. Since nearly everything is customisable in the admin area, you’ll probably have no difficulty handling AuctionPress – it’s built for simplicity.

Importing and Adding Auctions with AuctionPress

Your main source of auctions is eBay – this probably does not need any explanation why. You can search for products in Amazon and Datafeedr too. Now, if you want to simply create your own auction then you can do so in the admin area once again. Name your auctions, set their descriptions, starting and reserve prices, add “Buy now” and “Make an offer” buttons – you can do it with AuctionPress to create an auction website that isn’t too complex.

AuctionPress Discount – Make More Money on the Account of a Smaller Investment

I’m not saying that you’ll be rich overnight – you gotta put some real work into your auction website – and into all websites for that matter – for them to yield financial results. But if you have reached a certain level of popularity with your auction site then you’ll be happy to know that AuctionPress comes equipped with a feature that lets you set up membership accounts for users to upload auctions. This makes you money if you charge these users. You can also paste your ad code into some areas and use the AuctionPress affiliate features to import affiliate feeds as well as use the internal mailing system to promote products.

This AuctionPress 30% discount coupon is for one thing only – to give you a discount on a not-so-bad WordPress auction theme.

Here’s a bigger text about the product – AuctionPress review.

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