AuctionPress Review – Premium WordPress Theme for Building an Auction Website

AuctionPress Review - Premium WordPress Theme for Building an Auction Website

If you have checked out the auctions on eBay, you might have wondered how to create an auction website yourself. Creating a website from the bottom up would seem like science fiction for most beginners, let alone how to insert auction elements into it. Luckily for many of us, there’s a thing called WordPress and there are things called WordPress themes. Put these two together and they can do a lot with minimal effort. Same goes for auction websites. So here it is, a WordPress auction website builder, a premium WordPress theme – ladies and gentlemen, AuctionPress by PremiumPress.

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WordPress Auction Theme

What do you think a decent auction website should have? Some color in its cheeks, plenty of products, members, a private messaging system, several auction options, feedback features and a sort of security system perhaps? With AuctionPress you can make an auction website that has all of the above listed features and more, which I’m about to tell you about.

AuctionPress Online Auction Website Design

No-one wants to run auctions on an ugly website, so you better be aesthetic about the way you make your auction website look. Most WordPress themes usually come with an integrated design tool to make the theme suit your needs. AuctionPress is no exception, as it allows you to choose page layouts and colors, as well as shades for buttons and menu bars. You can also make use of a number of sliders that you can customize yourself. Getting more specific with the home page presents no difficulty either, because you can simply drag and drop elements or remove them with the on/off display.

Adding and Importing Products is Easy with this Auction Theme for WordPress

Whether you have your own ideas and products or you want to import them from bigger sites like Amazon, eBay or Datafeedr makes no difference, because you can go any way you want with AuctionPress. The search tools enable you to look for products from these sites by category and quickly import them. You can import products via XML and CSV files too.

What About Auctions – The Core of AuctionPress

You can manage all things auction in the admin area where you can set the title and description of the auction as well as its starting and reserve price. It’s also possible to make use of the “Buy now” and “make an offer” features. If an auction failed, meaning nobody wanted the product, you can re-list it with the same setup or with changes as you see fit.

How Do You Make Money with AuctionPress

This is probably the most important part of this article. Well, you create membership packages for people to submit auctions to your site and charge them according to the features a package contains. Of course, the classic advertising options in the main parts of your website are also available. In addition to that, this WordPress theme supports a number of affiliate networks, and with an integrated email system with which you can advertise affiliate products and promote them to your members, you can earn a commission fee.

Other Fun Stuff

As I mentioned earlier, AuctionPress has private messaging, so members can communicate with one another. You are most likely already familiar with how the eBay auctions work. The site sends you messages on your email when a bid has been made or when you’ve been outbid. The same email system is also present in AuctionPress. If you want to keep your site as secure as you can, you also have the option of approving members. And, like in eBay, buyers can rate sellers, so everything’s cool.


It’s yours for 79 bucks. The price is smack in the middle, if you ask me.

Exit Reviewer

This WordPress theme seems pretty nice to me, but if you do decide to buy it, beware of giants like eBay!

This AuctionPress review was a prelude to the product itself. Go see AuctionPress in action.

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