How to become a great blogger?

How to become a great blogger

You might know some SEO trick for your blog about now, but have you ever considering applying them to yourself? Well, if the answer for that question is negative, then you’re again one of those usual bloggers – the one, who works hard, but never gets good enough results. There […] Read more »

How to get traffic to a new blog?

get traffic to a new blog

It’s not rare when new, fresh bloggers close their shop because their blog gets no or very little traffic. It’s simply because they have ignored some basic steps to take when starting up  a blog. So, in this article, I’ll give you a general overview on the matter of how […] Read more »

Why won’t people read my blog?

Why won't people read my blog

The question of „why do people read your blog, but not mine“ is quite common in the blogosphere. It isn’t actually rocket science, they take part in the whole concept of reading blog, because the information in it is beneficial for them. Basically, they do it for solving some smaller […] Read more »