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Best Social Networking Software for Auto Content SubmissionIn order to be seen in the vast space of the net, you have to have social integration. For that, you want to get your content out to not only the top 5 social networking sites, but to all types of social networking sites instead, because there are people everywhere. How to achieve that without doing it manually? By using OnlyWire, of course.

What About OnlyWire?

OnlyWire is an affordable tool that attaches itself to your WordPress blog, for example, and every time you create a new post, it will automatically be submitted to all social networks at once. When I say all, I’m actually lying. The number of social networks your content will be posted to is 52. Well, if you can find a software that posts to every single social network out there, let me know.

OnlyWire Multi-User Program

Added to the fact of being able to auto post to social networks, OnlyWire also has multi-user support if you happen to have others on board. It’s a great way to make additional money.

Share by Pushing a Button

If people like your website, they want to make it known to other people. The developers have thought of that and have integrated a share button within OnlyWire that people can click on to make your site visible to various other sites, that may in turn give you some extra social network ideas to expand.

OnlyWire Social Network Integration – Look Back and See How You’re Doing

You gotta love feedback, because it guides you forward. Many SEO aspects including traffic and backlinks result from your submissions to social networks. This means that you want to know how successful your posts are. OnlyWire gives you reports on that matter. Oh, I forgot to mention that you can schedule submissions too.


OnlyWire is an essential tool for increasing your web presence – see more at this OnlyWire Review.

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