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OnlyWire - Automatic Social Bookmarking and Site PromotionWe all know that social networks must not be neglected when you are promoting your website and trying to build a decent backlink structure. The OnlyWire submitter for WordPress can automate your content submission. Picture this: you just made a new blog post and it’s submitted to a social network or bookmarking site. So, let’s talk about OnlyWire a bit.

What’s OnlyWire For

Put simply and generally, it’s a website promotion software. You use it to increase your web presence and boost SEO rankings while reaching more and more people.

How Do You Work With It

The only negative side of this OnlyWire business you’ll see is the account creation process. You have to create an account for every social network and social bookmarking site you want OnlyWire to submit your stuff to. That can take some time, but after that it gets pretty automatic, unless you want to add new sites.

Automated Content Submission Equals Automated Backlinks

Once your content reaches social networks, it has the chance to spread like wildfire, guaranteeing you a bunch of backlinks in return. OnlyWire has scheduling functions in which you can set the time when your content is submitted.

OnlyWire Reports

If you submit content to social networks and social bookmarking sites, it’s bound to have a result and you want to know what it is. If you so choose, OnlyWire can give you a detailed account on the performance of your submissions, as well as new backlinks and traffic.

The Share Button

If people visit your site and like it they can click the share button, which automatically exposes your site’s content to the social networks those people are part of. Customize the button any way you want.

Use OnlyWire for social media bookmarking and automated social networks submission. Be sure to read the full OnlyWire Review too.

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