BackupBuddy Review: Overiew of the Features of BackupBuddy

Backupbuddy review - easiest way to back up your wordpress siteWe all know the pain of data loss. I once had tens of gigs of music on my PC and one day it was gone. Ever since that incident I have
regularly stored my music on an external device just to be safe as a sort of a fail-safe. Now imagine you have a WordPress site with loads of text, images, widgets and whatnot. What happens if your server crashes or someone hacks your site? Everything you worked for could be history. BackupBuddy can help you recall it. No doubt you already know what I’m talking about.

What is BackupBuddy?

Developed by iThemes, BackupBuddy is a WordPress plugin that allows you to backup your WordPress installation, restore WordPress sites and even move them to another domain or server.


Install BackupBuddy as you would install any other plugin. After that you also need to activate it with an iThemes licence which can be generated from within the plugin. Apply it and head on to “Getting Started” to get some more info.

Dissecting the backup

When it comes to it then BackupBuddy presents you with two options: a database only backup and a full backup. A database backup consists of all of your site content, settings and comments. A full backup will add all files and in your public_html folder to the mix — including everything that runs WordPress, like themes, plugins and uploads. So, click your choice and wait for the backup to finish. You will get a link to download your backup file.

Additional backup features

BackupBuddy can back up, store and move tables that are not created by WordPress and it also lets you choose which directories to include or exclude, giving you more control over the process. For peace of mind, BackupBuddy also has the option of storing your backups in an off-site location like Dropbox or Amazon S3. The 3.1 version of BackupBuddy comes with an off- site BackupBuddy Stash you can use from within the plugin by entering your iThemes member login details. The stash is loaded with 256MB of space and is pretty easy to manage.

Scheduling backups

You can make BackupBuddy run automatic backups hourly, daily, weekly, twice a month or monthly. The recommended frequency of backups is up to you — if there if heavy traffic on your site or if you have lots of comments then you should create backups more frequently.

You can choose the location where your backups end up

Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP site, your own email or desktop — you decide!

Restoring a backup

This task is a little more difficult and time consuming than making a backup. Find the Import Buddy option in the backup and restore menu, click on save. Create an empty database and move the backup file and backupbuddy.php script file to the server’s web root directory. After this, follow the six steps of the BackupBuddy script which will lead you to a restored version of your backed up WordPress site.


BackupBuddy’s Magic Migration option allows you to move a WordPress site to another domain or server in minutes. This is a huge benefit, because it saves a lot of time. Cloning a website and making some changes or adjustments to it is way more easy and stress-free than making a website from scratch.

Pros and Cons of BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is fast and easy, but still has some features that are not automated.

Have we come to a conclusion?

Keeping your site backed up should be a priority, even if it is something that tends to be forgotten at times. BackupBuddy can handle that without too much input from you. So if your site is making you money, BackupBuddy can keep it that way. It’s kind of an insurance.

A video introduction and other relevant information can be found on the home site of BackupBuddy.

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