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Howdy to all of you who are looking to create a coupon website! Nowadays it’s nothing easier to use WordPress themes to set up all sorts of different sites serving various purposes. WordPress isn’t the most popular CMS without a good reason, you know. Part of what you can achieve with WordPress is success in Internet marketing that includes all sorts of strategies and niches. One of the strategies to implement in your business is coupons – they can sometimes provide the necessary incentive for people to buy a product or just boost your traffic. Anyway, all that introductory talk aside – I present you a short overview of the best 3 professional WordPress coupon code themes that you can efficiently use to start your own coupon website today, and even right his minute, if you choose.

1. AppThemes Clipper

AppThemes Clipper theme

Clipper is a coupon code theme for WordPress that is easy to use and has plenty of features to make it worth your while. AppThemes have a way of providing a wide array of WordPress themes to suit all sorts of marketing needs, so they decided to release a cool WordPress coupon application theme as well – let’s see what we have in store, shall we?

How Do You populate Your Site With Coupons by Using Clipper

It’s easy-peasy. First, if you decide to get coupons to your site yourself, you can import them from other systems via a CSV file. The coupons you add to your site can be easily edited from the admin area – you can even add custom fields.

Coupon Stores

Your coupons can be all together in a sort o coupon store with Clipper. You can set up an unlimited number of these shops, each one of them having a specific page, description, and URL. There’s also a more comprehensive view at your coupon stores available – just set up category pages. This greatly simplifies the pain of browsing for users who want to find what they’re looking for quickly.

On Users and Making Money with Clipper

Clipper allows you to monetize you WordPress coupon site. It’s PayPal integrated, and – in addition to making a potential profit from affiliate commissions – you can charge people a small fee for listing their coupons on your site. Coupons can be easily submitted by filling a coupon form. That form can also require people to register on your site – that way they get an account with a dashboard where they can manage their coupons.

Other Clipper Features

You can apply the color theme of your choice, cloak affiliate links, and paste our ad code in several areas. Clipper also has a subscription sidebar widget which allows you to create a mailing list – even more so, the theme supports several email autoresponder tools like AWeber, MailChimp, ConstantContact, VerticalResponse, and more.

More info – Demo

2. PremiumPress Responsive Coupon Theme

PremiumPress Responsive Coupon Theme

The next one in this list of WordPress coupon themes is what you see in the subtitle. This theme also capitalizes on being easy to use – and why not? Easy to setup, manage, design and monetize, PremiumPress Responsive Coupon Theme is the perfect example of how a WordPress theme manifests its usefulness and practicality. The theme has an “overview” option which lists problems with your website (if there is any), and generates suggestions on what to do about them. This is a great feature that beginners can make use of.

General Coupon Features

Importing coupons to your coupon site can be done with the help of CSV/XML files (or by simply importing a ton of coupons from iCodes), by uploading the coupons manually, or by letting other people list their coupons on your website. You can add custom fields to your coupon listings, and also set up featured listings which users can purchase as a premium feature.


Nothing to it, given you’ve driven enough traffic to your coupon website – membership packages with various price levels, affiliate commissions, and “claim listings” functions enable you to efficiently make money off your website. The integrated PayPal gateway can handle transactions, and the developer API lets developers integrate their own payment systems. Oh, and when a person clicks on a coupon code, the Responsive Coupon Theme directs them to your affiliate link and opens the coupon code in a new window.

What Else

You can translate the theme into any language as long as you adjust the language file accordingly. The theme also has a designer feature that lets you alter the colors of your site, add images, videos, and even upload music. If you want to upload your own custom logo – go for it! If you want to rebrand your site – no problem! This thing even has an advanced search system which can be customized and integrated with Google Maps. There are more, but I’m sure you can familiarize yourself with them without my help.

More info – Demo

Go have a look at Responsive Coupon Theme

3. WP Coupon Plugin

WP Coupon Plugin

Last, but not least – WP Coupon. This one is a WordPress coupon plugin that comes with a theme, and is probably the most interesting of the three. WP Coupon Plugin allows you to make use of various coupon feeds, keep your site updated, and not worry about the situation of your affiliate link structure, because the tool notifies you of dead links and enables you to redirect them to another link.

Coupon Related Info

You can pull the bulk of your site’s coupon content from For Me To Coupon, a trustworthy affiliate coupon feed. Of course you can allow visitors to submit coupons to your site and monetize that process to your advantage as well. The coupons submitted can be coupon codes, printable coupons, or shopping tips. Coupons and stores can also be shown as “popular”. The printable coupons can be user-customized too, meaning that users can create their own printable coupons and designate a lot of the features such as the number of printable coupons, how many times a user can print a coupon, coupon tracking, fraud protection, and more.

Site Design

The design really is out-of-the-box as WP Coupon Plugin has a lot of preset page templates that save you time. The thing even scales your store thumbnails when you switch to a different theme or template, eliminating the need to upload a new image. You can add stores to your coupon site with WP Coupon Plugin and use the plugin’s special tools (Quick Summary, Tag Finder, and the Special Offer tool) to simplify the building of your coupon site by creating a summary, adding tags, and SEO images.

Other Stuff-Related Into

Visitors can become store subscribers and receive alerts and notifications about coupons. Needless to say, this function is beneficial to your mailing list. You can tap into a flow of revenue by offering people and companies to sponsor category ads on your site. You can sell ad space on your coupon website. The advanced search module enables users to perform category-based searches and find what they’re looking for quickly.

More info – Demo


All themes are responsive and work well on mobile devices.

AppThemes Clipper is $99 for the standard package which includes theme installations on unlimited websites, lifetime support, and updates. The Clipper developer package costs $159 and adds Photoshop PSD files to the features of the standard package.

The Responsive Coupon Theme by PremiumPress is $99, has lifetime support, upgrades, forum access, and can be re-downloaded from the members area.

WP Coupon plugin is the most expensive, starting from a $199 for the Starter Package (and includes the WP Coupon and the default theme), it can also be bought as a Basic Package for $499 (+access to all premium themes), and as the Enterprise Package which all of the features in the Basic Package and adds free installation, printable coupons customization function, and $250+ of PPC ad credits, and $250 worth of credits to CouponFeed net coupon service.

If this article about the best 3 professional WordPress coupon code themes helps you to start your own coupon website in the future or at least guides you a bit, then one of my goals is achieved.

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