Best 3 WordPress Comparison Themes – Build Comparison Websites Easy

So, let’s talk about price comparison websites? What are they good for? Well, the most obvious positive aspect about creating a price comparison website is the fact that your newly built site will look like an online store that has comparison features. When that shop has a comparison mode when it comes to products then it’s good news for those customers looking to purchase (because it is rationalized and made simpler), and for you (because you can rest assured that you have added a certain comfort to browsing). Now, I bring you best 3 WordPress comparison themes that will allow you to build comparison websites easy.

1. Responsive Comparison Theme


This WordPress Responsive Price Comparison Theme is an easy to use, simple premium WordPress theme for creating a price comparison website. The theme comes with several basic, yet fundamental functions that enable you to build comparison websites easy. The reason why Responsive Comparison Theme is discussed at length in this article is that it allows for monetization and quite a selection of feeds.

Comparison Press Main Feed Features

You can import products from Amazon, eBay, and Datafeedr – all know sources of countless products – with Responsive Comparison Theme. You can also set the theme to update your feed automatically. You can also import products via a XML or CSV file.

Adding Products with Comparison Theme

In addition to the talk about feed functions mentioned just above – when you add or import products with this theme, you can choose to have them displayed by the theme as a “compared product”. They will be displayed on the site accordingly.

Designer Tools

The theme’s website designer tool allows you to alter the colors, images and layouts – you name it – as well as add sliders to display products and featured products.


Responsive Comparison Theme lets you set up membership packages that you can tweak yourself in the sense of the features they provide to the users. This way you can generate extra income in addition to the commissions you could already make from your price comparison site.

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2. Templatic Price Compare Theme

Best 3 WordPress Comparison Themes

First, let’s have a quick look at the Templatic Price Compare theme. At this point I’d like to make it clear that the WordPress price comparison themes mentioned in this article will not be listed as the “first”, “second”, and “third” in the sense of “best”, “quite good”, and “bad”. They’re all relatively equal. The Templatic WordPress price comparison theme is quite simple, but effective widget-based WordPress price comparison theme. This one really allows you to build comparison websites easy as it is completely widgetized and is rather basic. After installing the Templatic Price Compare theme, you need only add Amazon or Commission Junction feeds and start displaying products on your site.

Design and Functionality + Other Features

Templatic Price Compare comes with a bunch of skins, templates, and shortcodes that can further increase the functionality of your price comparison website. The Themehas great support, comes with several tutorials, and leaves your blog section untouched (it just moves it to a separate location). It’s no rocket science operating this theme to create a respectable price comparison website.

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3. Themeforest Compare

Themeforest Compare – WordPress Price Comparison Theme

Creating a price comparison website with the Themeforest Compare is as simple as it is done with the Templatic Price Comparison theme, but it’s a little different – as are the features of this theme. Themeforest Compare is fully customizable – you can easily tweak all sorts of color settings, and add sliders. Templates can be modified as well.

Adding Products with Themeforest Compare

Everything works via CSV files with this one. When you create a price comparison website with Themeforest Compare, you can use CSV files to import products into your site. You can also add and manage products, as well as categories, brands and retailers from the admin area. This WordPress price comparison theme currently supports three currencies – USD, GBP, and EUR.

Also Heavily Widgetized

In order to add flexibility to your price comparison website, Themeforest Compare makes use of widgets too. Widget areas can be used to display ads, latest tweets, testimonials, photos, videos, and of course – product categories and products carousel.

Additional Functionalities of Themeforest Compare

Themeforest Compare is a WordPress price comparison theme that also supports you uploading your own logo and favicon. The theme allows you to make full use of Google Analytics within its context as well, plus it supports Feedburner RSS and Feedburner RSS to Email. When you create a price comparison website, you can retain your blog functionality with Themeforest Compare and make use of jQuery-powered drop-down menus, product carousel, and hover effects. Themeforest Compare has shortcodes for tooltips, and product price comparison tables to be included within post content. Social network support is present also – “like” on Facebook, “follow” on Twitter, and “recommend” on Google+ are a click away. So, as you see the Themeforest Compare is a bit more tech-oriented than the previous WordPress price comparison theme, but the extensive support documentation and the availability of manuals makes up for it.

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Price Comparison

The Templatic Price Compare is $99; Themeforest Compare is $45 (it also has an extended license available – $2250 – go check that out for yourselfJ); WordPress Responsive Comparison Theme is $79.99.


All of these WordPress themes mentioned in this list of the best 3 WordPress comparison themes have their pros and cons, but in general they’re all very much usable and affordable. What the Templatic Price Compare lacks in feed availability and customization it makes up for in simplicity; what Themeforest Compare lacks in feeds it makes up in customization and low-price; what WordPress Responsive Comparison Theme lacks in customization it makes up for in membership packages and feed functions. If there only was a way to tie all of them together…


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