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Best bulk email marketing service - mass mailing serviceIntroductory Thoughts about Email Marketing and a Certain Mass  Mailing Service

Email marketing is something that nearly every online entrepreneur has ventured in. However, it sometimes can be difficult to obtain targeted customer listings and even send the emails out to the people in your mailing list. Why? Even if you have a list, you still have to send the emails manually to a lot of people – think of the time and effort needed to fulfill that goal! On the other hand, that time and effort can be saved for other purposes if you choose to use a mass mailing service. A mass mailing service differs from a software with a similar purpose in a way that you have more flexibility on your hands and are not tied down with the software. Think of working with a mass mailing service provider like working with other people – you can make compromises and decisions together. Working with a software is kind of a liability because it can let you down – people can too, but you can back away from the deal any time you choose. Here I’ll tell you about the best bulk email marketing service provider called Atomic Email Service.

Atomic Email Service – Best Bulk Email Marketing Service

What makes Atomic Email Service a really good choice of mass mailing service for your email marketing campaign needs is its ease of use, variety of features and flexibility of free and priced plans.

How Does The Bulk Email Marketing Service Work?

Atomic Email Service is web-based, meaning that you don’t have to download any software nor mess around with servers. All you need is your browser where you will write your emails and upload your mailing list and the Atomic mass mailing service will do the rest. What really makes Atomic Email Service the best bulk email marketing service is the fact that you can create professional and personalized emails with it, get quality customer service, and the most necessary features required for a successful email marketing campaign.

Features of Atomic Mass Mailing Service

The reason why Atomic Email Service is one of the best if not the best bulk email marketing service lies in its abundance of useful features. For example, the team behind this mass mailing service can help you with your email campaign creation, schedule these campaigns and snoop around why people unsubscribe from your stuff.

Atomic Mass Mail Service Email Creation

The best bulk email marketing service should come with a bunch of preset and good-looking templates that you could use right away without wasting time. Atomic Email Service delivers. The built-in editors enable you to tweak your mass mailing service emails to perfection, plus you can insert additional fields into your emails to personalize them even further.

Other Necessary Email Campaign Features Provided by This Mass Mailing Service

AtomPark’s Atomic Email Service allows you to create fully customized subscription forms – this function is very useful if you want to maintain a level of professionalism and match it with the style of your website. Another two thoroughly enjoyable features of this online mass mailing service are the creation of unsubscribe links and customized pages. You can choose to add the unsubscribe link to the unsubscribe page automatically to every email you send out – a huge timesaver! Atomic Mass Mail service also supports unlimited unsubscribe links and pages, but only one of each should be set as a default.

More Features of the Best Bulk Email Marketing Service

Should some people in your mailing list choose to unsubscribe, the Atomic mass mailing service will automatically block off the persons’ email in a sense that you wouldn’t send any emails to the by accident and be spammy.

Atomic Mass Mail Service Statistics and Analytics

When your email marketing campaign bears no fruit sometimes, you’d want to know the reason behind it, right? No worries – the best bulk email service has once again got your back. The Atomic mass mail service can provide you with campaign statistics (the procentual equivalent to the number of sent, delivered, and failed email messages), delivery statistics (a diagram displaying the percentage of emails that were sent, read and clicked through), and error statistics (delivery errors). You can also use Google Analytics together with Atomic Email Service. The Clicks Map feature of this mass mail service reveals to you the number of times people have clicked on the links in your emails.

Atomic Mass Mail Service Split-Testing Function

The A/B testing feature of Atomic Email Service is sure to come in handy – by split testing several email variants you will be able to root out the ones that are not popular. The ones that are, however, you can stick to. I don’t know about you, but some think that the best bulk email marketing service providers should also provide you with A/B testing features.


The best bulk email marketing service usually costs a lot. This is not necessarily the case with Atomic mass mail service, because as it was said before, the thing is flexible. The free version of Atomic Email Service allows you have a mailing list of a maximum of 500 email addresses and send up to 7500 emails for free. The monthly subscription ranges from 10 to 600 euros a month with the number of recipients ranging from 500 to half a million. The anytime program casts you 0.0003 cents per email.

Cool, huh? So, what do you think is the bulk email marketing service? Go check out Atomic Email Service!

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