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Affordable Popup Plugin for WordPress - PopUp DominationThere is no plugin that can universally be hailed as the best WordPress popup plugin, but there are plugins that come close. It’s all a matter of opinion – and I’d like to share mine on a great little tool called PopUp Domination.

About PopUp Domination

In short, Popup Domination is an affordable WordPress popup plugin that provides you several options for customizing popups and designating the time when they appear, giving you flexible control on how to manage your site’s popup plan.

What Features Does It Have?

After you install PopUp Domination you get access to the plugin’s range of functions regarding designing your personal popups, creating custom content within them and adding specific images, as well as scheduling the appearance of popups on different pages and at different times. You also have the option of split testing popups and analyzing the results of your popup campaign.


There are several pre-designed popup themes already in place for you to use. Just add your own preferred color combinations and content. Once you’re done with that you can start scheduling.

Popup Schedules

Schedule both the time when popups pop up and the pages they will appear. By utilizing clever popup techniques, you’ll be sure to have a shot at capturing leads.

PopUp Domination A/B Testing Capabilities

If you don’t get info on how you are doing, you will not learn how to do it better, that’s why there’s a split testing option available for you to find out what popups are the most successful. Just a tiny change can make a difference, and with A/B testing, you’ll know what it is.

Analyse the Effectiveness of Your Popups

PopUp Domination uses its internal analytics functions to determine what popups and what pages attract the most people. This information is valuable, as it can make a difference in planning your business.


For a more informative text on the same matter be sure to visit the full PopUp Domination Review.

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