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Blog Management SoftwareIf I had hundreds of blogs then it would probably take very much time if I had to manage my blog sites by going over them one by one. The same goes for you: whether you do it yourself or let someone or something else do it for you. That something else in the context of this text is WP Pipeline, a software that is the agency of your very own blog management services.

WP Pipeline – The Command Center for Managing a Number of Blogs from a Single Place

From time to time you want to update your blogs, check their plugins and the topicality of their content. Once WP Pipeline is installed on your master blog, it gives you an overview of all your other slave blogs too and informs you whether something needs to be done via traffic light color signals.

Manage All the Blogs at the Same Time with This Blog Management System

With a click you can update all your blogs that need it, whether it comes to themes, versions or plugins. Think of all the time you’ll be saving. Sometimes the technicalities can lead you astray from the main purpose. WP Pipeline takes care of them for you.

Site Cloning and Scheduled Backups

Backing up your sites is always a good idea and the cloning ability is also useful for the lazy ;). You can do both with WP Pipeline.

WP Pipeline Member Management Functions

If your site has members or users, then you can control their access to different blog groups. The obvious benefit of this feature needs no further explanation.

What do you Think?

Having a blog management software like WP Pipeline not only makes it more easy for you to run your blog empire, but it can present you with another business opportunity – managing multiple blogs for other people to make extra money.

Behold! Here’s a more thorough review of WP Pipeline.

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