BlogCommentDemon Review: Get Quality Backlinks and Increase Your Search Engine Rankings With This Blog Commenting Software

Blog comment demon review-blog commenting softwareBlogCommentDemon is a Blog Commenting Software

Now that we’ve covered the most obvious part, let me be a little more specific. The name of the software might suggest that it could be some sort of a spamming tool. I ensure you, it is not. I’ll give you the lowdown of the software in this BlogCommentDemon Review.

Why Would You Want to Pay for a Software Like That?

Because some things just take too much time! Filtering through your keyword relevant blogs, figuring out which ones have high PageRank and then, finally, after leaving a comment, you have to return to all of those sites to see whether the comment was approved or not. It just gets so monotonous. BlogCommentDemon can help you out.

Leaving Your Comments on Blogs is Good “Link Juice”

The more links you get to your site, the higher you’ll rank in the search engines. How high the ranking will be depends on the quality of the sites you’re linking to. BlogCommentDemon is able to find blogs that have high PageRank and sort them according to the score. You can also look for blogs and sort them according to their search engine ranking. So, if you link out to the sites that have a worthy PR, your rankings will benefit. Simple!

How Does BlogCommentDemon Verify Whether the Blogs are of Quality?

It doesn’t. You do. By analysing the search results of the software you should be able to determine whether a blog is worth touching or not. Being linked to some sites with irrelevant content to yours may do more harm than good. BCD can calculate the total amount of approved comments on a site and track the number of outgoing links. The ability to estimate the recent post date might also come in handy in finding out whether a blog is active or not. The real good news is that BlogCommentDemon has comment approval tracking, which saves you the trouble of manually checking back to each blog you posted a comment to.

Minor features

You can sort blogs by “nofollow” or “dofollow” tags. If it is difficult to determine, use the results driller function to dig deep and possibly find out! Some other notes of interest are the options of being able to search for different blog platforms, and if those won’t do, you can add your own footprints and search for things other than blogs. Scanning search engines of different countries is also a possibility. The comments sections of blog posts can be auto filled too if you’re tight on time.


BlogCommentDemon comes with an inbuilt blog management tool, several web browsers and an in-depth search capability that looks up more pages of a specific blog of your choice. There is also a time-based search that can come up with results from different time periods. The multithreading feature can simultaneously scan nearly forty blogs. A timesaver, if you ask me! If your IP gets banned for searching too much, you can use the proxy server function.

Search for Top Level Domains

If you want some authority backing up your site then BlogCommentDemon can help you find them as well.

Price and Guarantee

It costs 67 USD and comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.

Last but not Least

BlogCommentDemon could be a helpful piece of software and a useful investment. I think it costs too much and it should have a free trial version, but other than that it can really help along your search rankings and therefore everything else that depends on it. I’m off. Bye!

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