Bonus Pack Worth Over $2 500

Hey there! This is all yours if you buy through my link. Better than nothing, right? 🙂

Bonus 1 – A Bunch of Premium WordPress Themes ($333)

The first part of this bonus pack is a collection of premium WordPress themes. There are 18 of them to be exact. Included are the WordPress Guardo Theme, WordPress Leo Theme, WordPress Lounge Theme, WordPress Janissary Theme, WordPress Vue Theme, WordPress Squeez-EZ Theme, 6 WordPress Theme Bundles, WordPress Azon Theme, WP Pin Review Theme, WordPress VideoPress Theme, WordPress PERTAMAX Theme, WordPress KEDUAX Theme, WordPress Local Deals Theme. The value of this bonus pack would otherwise be close to 333 USD.

Bonus 2 – WP4FB 2.0 ($197)

If you can’t understand what the hell that wpf4bf (or whatever) means then let me clarify – it’s WordPress for Facebook – in other words it’s a WordPress plugin designed to connect them both in order to increase your visibility on Facebook and drive more traffic to your site as a result.

WP4FB 2.0 Features

This WordPress Facebook plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of fully customizable Facebook fan pages that you can utilize to make the most of fans. You can use several functions like unlocking premium content for a “like”, auto-posting on fans’ walls, capturing email addresses and so on. You don’t have to have any specific technical skills to set up your fan pages with WP4FB 2.0 – the plugin itself is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Bonus 3 – SEO Smart Links Business Edition ($299)

SEO Smart Links is a sophisticated article interlinking tool that increases your SEO score by strengthening the internal link structure of your blog content. SEO Smart Links also has options that affiliate marketers can take advantage of, like link cloaking.

Bonus 4 – All in One SEO Pack Pro Build 2.1 ($39)

The fourth piece of this Bonus pack is an SEO tool called All in One SEO (The Pro Version). What it does is it gives you an overview of how your site is seen through the keen eyes of social media sites and how your entry is displayed in the Google search results. With All in One SEO you can set specific posts and pages to be excluded from your XML Sitemap and set individual search engine settings for different posts and pages as well. This WordPress plugin mainly relies on giving you a realistic view on how you are seen on the Internet.

Bonus 5 – Guide How to Use Social Bookmarking to Get Backlinks ($97) and Some Link Building Techniques ($197)

This vault of insider knowledge about building Social Bookmarking backlinks is essential for generating more links to your site and thus increasing you search engine rankings.

The other part of the subtitle explains itself – more knowledge on how to make your blog bigger, better, faster and stronger!

Bonus 6 – Traffic Mastery and 6 WordPress Plugins ($147 + $197)

This section of the bonus pack covers some of the most important issues of Internet marketing – traffic and well, other stuff that’s good such as the WordPress List Pro Plugin, WordPress Stealth Links, WordPress No Escape and some others.

Bonus 7 – Make the Most of Auto-Blogging and Do the SEO Dynamite Course

The Auto-Blogging program contains tips and techniques on how to create auto-blogs that make you money daily. This course is about what to avoid and what to do when building auto-blogs. The SEO Dynamite is a course that explains the basics and advanced parts of SEO and how it is essentially related to your site. The program also gives instructions about how to work with your website effectively, how to make use of social media and automation in your favor. You can do anything you want with the SEO Dynamite Course – sell it, change it, put your name on it, anything!

Bonus 8 – WordPress Social Master Plugin ($77), WordPress Simple Azon Plugin ($67), Expiring Content WordPress Plugin ($37), and WordPress FB Redirect Pro Plugin ($67)

Okay, this list of plugins would take too much time for in-depth examination, but I’ll give you the basics at least. The WordPress Social Master plugin is a WordPress social sharing plugin widget that speeds up your page loading times by replacing extensions and integrates your site with social networks via social networks sharing tools. The WordPress Simple Azon Plugin is about making it easier and less-time consuming for you to create Amazon affiliate links to your sites. The Expiring Content WordPress Plugin is very useful when you are running time-based promotion campaigns that you want to expire at some point. The plugin displays a warning message that the content will disappear some time and when that time arrives, will remove the content being displayed to visitors. The WordPress FB Redirect Pro makes it possible to redirect traffic from your Facebook page by putting links there.

Bonus 9 – 10 WordPress Plugins for All Marketing Strategies ($190)

This cauldron of plugins is a mixture of tools that handle several Internet marketing aspects. There are plugins for social marketing purposes that enable you to add share buttons to your site and allow visitors to unlock your premium content with a “like”. Some make it possible to display pop-ups on anywhere on your site, enhance WordPress SEO, add different settings to ad widgets, integrate with MailChimp and some more.

Bonus 10 – Moneymaking Course ($235) and Video Traffic Course ($187)

The first is just another video course from the experts of the field of making money online. Worth a watch. The second tells you how you can create videos fast and for free, what niche to choose, how to choose keywords for the title, why have a YouTube channel and how to drive traffic to your clips.

Bonus 11 – Video Courses on Getting the Right Keywords, Creating Backlinks and Inter-Site Link Systems as Well as Mastering WordPress SEO

These are all courses that give you tips and whatnot so you can find effective niche keywords, generate quality backlinks and strengthen your links connecting a network of your own sites, plus, perhaps the most important of all – how to master the WordPress SEO.

Bonus 12 – How to Sell Services and How to Succeed in Local Business

Like many other courses above, these mean what the title itself implies.

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