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Why would you need one? The answer is simple: to up the speed of your email marketing campaign. When at first you get by with the amount of emails you can count on your fingers (say, times ten a day), then there may come a time when you want more than that. That time will probably come very soon after, because when people get hungry for something bigger, they will make an effort for it. So, Atomic Mail Sender, huh? This bulk email marketing software allows you to send out mass emails with a single click, customize them, and make damn sure that they will pass all them spam filters.

A Bulk Email Sender has to Use Servers

One thing about Atomic Mail Sender is that it has to get those mass emails across to their targets via SMPT or proxy servers. The mass email sender software will use rotate these servers in order to bypass any obstacles and rotate them to keep the email campaign from amassing in one server only. There are three SMPT servers you can use with this mass email sending software – the Atomic Mail Sender’s free built-in SMPT server which can be used only to send out mass email directly; external SMPT servers which you must find and customize yourself; the Atomic partner SMPT server which is already fully customized for you to use with this bulk email marketing software, and can be used for free with limitations. Paid versions of the partner SMPT servers can also be used with this bulk email program.

Personalized Mass Email Campaigns

Since you have the possibility to import mailing lists from several types of files and even from the Outlook Address Book, you can truly create an effective personalized mass email campaign with Atomic Mail Sender, because the bulk email program enables you to customize the emails you send out. You can insert unsubscribe links that lead to user-customized unsubscribe pages, choose they way people can unsubscribe (by email or by website), and pre-check all your emails for spam, and finally analyze the progress of your mass email campaign.

Benefits of This Mass Mailer Tool

This bulk email marketing software has many benefits instead of just one: it is fast, reliable, and flexible. The server choices you make with Atomic Mail Sender determine the success of your mass email campaign, as well as the personalizations you make to your email messages. Aside from everything else already mentioned in favor of this bulk email sender, the tool can also help you in managing your mailing list, advise you in email creation (in relation to spam danger), and report back on how many of your emails came through and how many people did what with them.

How About This: Bulk Email Extractor

I have something else for you: Atomic Email Hunter. This email harvester tool can scrape websites designated by you or the keywords you provided, and pull countless email addresses to your mailing list which you can import straight to a mass email sender software like Atomic Mail Sender. That is some symbiosis and teamwork between the two.

Atomic Email Hunter Together With Atomic Mail Sender

How does a bulk email marketing software work with a bulk email extractor software? It’s like putting two and two together: one harvests email addresses and the other sends out mass emails based on your designed email campaign.

About This Bulk Email Harvester

Whereas the previously mentioned Atomic bulk email program sends emails out to all parts of the Net, the Atomic bulk email extractor can harvest them from all corners of the Net. Target a website with the Atomic email scraper software or type in some keywords which help it find websites – and you got a hell of a lot of email addresses. To make things a bit more targeted so you wouldn’t send out mass email to anyone, you can set email address filters, domain filters and more.

Atomic Email Hunter + Atomic Mail Sender = Win

I can’t stress this enough – these two work well together; it seems as if they were almost made for each other. Load in the target information into Atomic Email Hunter and once it harvests the email addresses you need, load the mailing list into the Atomic bulk email marketing software and begin sending personalized mass email.


Both Atomic tools cost 69.85 each.

Is It Worth It?

Ask yourself this: what is your time worth to you? If you don’t need a bulk email marketing software or a bulk email extractor tool that can lessen the “enough on your plate”, then skip this one. Of course, the combined price of these Atomic products is not low either, so I can understand anything you say about these two.

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