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What is this Catalyst anyway? It is a WordPress theme framework designed to build websites without any knowledge of coding required. It comes with Dynamik, a child theme, which provides the design options. Catalyst and Dynamik work hand in hand to provide the full Catalyst Experience.

Who’s it for?

Catalyst is for both newbies and professionals, people eager to get their online business up and rolling without taking the lengthy road of building a website from scratch. Let’s be honest – it’s just another one of those products that does all the work you don’t want on your hands. So you just pay for it.


Download Catalyst from the Catalyst forum, unzip the file and upload the two main files within to WordPress.

The Basics

For creating your own website you want to go through three simple steps. First, build the site with the help of the site layout options and start customising it with the controls. You can also throw some preset options into the mix for an interesting look.

Any Info on Customisation?

Some people might say that Catalyst has nearly endless combinations available to personalise your site. A statement like that is not entirely off the mark, because when you got 800 options to tweak the design of your site, coupled with the skinning ability then going through all of them might indeed take forever. It’s all good, though. You can customise almost every aspect of your site. Here’s just to name a few.


The layout option gives you the ability to position your sidebars, header, body and navigation.

Brand ‘em

You can create your own text-based logo with the branding option. Also, you can upload them.


This option has everything you need to give your site the look you want when it comes to colours and fonts, plus borders and spacing. Sometimes it’s the way colours are combined on your site that has the biggest impact on the visitor, sometimes it’s the fonts. If I see a site with unobtrusive colours and playful fonts then I most likely take a shine to it, just because of the design.

CSS Builder

Build custom styles for a lot of aspects like fonts, backgrounds, borders, margins and padding.

Catalyst Core Options

Catalyst presents you with the ability to customise the core aspects of the website. There are ten tabs for you to choose from: info, SEO, header, navbars, content, excerpts, comment, footer, scripts and import/export. Concerning the SEO function – if for some reason you don’t have an SEO plugin, then the inbuilt SEO function can help you to a degree.

Theme Options

This analogical to the core options in the sense that it is as detailed, if not even more so. The main difference is that here you will be able to make changes dependent on the theme rather than the site itself. It’s more about customising the visuals, not structure. The tabs are as follows: body, wrap, header, navbar 1, navbar 2, content, comments, sidebars, footer, widths, EZ, widgets, search, crumbs, author, post nav, hide, responsive, images, and import/export.


Okay, I don’t like to repeat myself in one form or another, but it doesn’t always work out the way I’d like. So here it comes: I’d say one good thing about this product is that it’s simple to use. Don’t know code? No problem, you still can build a website. The other thing is the design function. You can make your site look the way you want. The bunch of options available to do that is welcome. It takes time to get the look you want, but it’s better to start building your own site from thin air, don’t you think?

Price and Others

Catalyst costs 127 dollars. You can build an unlimited number of sites with this one purchase. Of course, it has the 30 day money back guarantee too, so why not give it a try? If you have the money, then sometimes it’s better to pay for a good thing that does the hard work and might even teach you in the process.

The End

You can use Catalyst to build all sorts of sites such as blogs, landing pages or E-commerce sites. Think of the time you’ll be saving instead of building those sites without this easy framework!

Buy Catalyst and start building! The product’s site has all the additional information you might need.

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