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ClickBump SEO review - it makes onpage seo easySEO Tool Fit for Duty

ClickBump SEO is basically a really simple SEO tool for your WordPress sites that analyzes the different aspects that make up your primary on-page SEO score. It seems to be the norm for most large audience WordPress SEO tools that they are placed on the right side of the screen, just next to your post, and display the SEO points you have covered or not yet covered in a traffic light fashion: green, yellow, red – you know the drill. ClickBump SEO works basically the same way, I’ll show you how.

The Core of ClickBump SEO

The plugin sits beside your post and lists many important SEO factors for you to adjust your content accordingly. These factors include keyword density percentage, the placement and location of the primary keyword phrase in your post, the overall word count of the text, LSI and others. Let’s take a quick look at all of these factors.

ClickBump SEO Keyword Density Indicator

This you already know: the more keywords you have in your content, the higher chance you have at ranking better with the search engines. A word of warning though: you should not try to jam loads of keywords into your text as it will considerably lower the quality and readability of your content. Focus on quality. Anyway, ClickBump SEO shows you the percentage of keywords in the text, so you have an understanding how well it is optimized.

About Primary Keyword Placement and Markup

A lot of SEO tools take into account where the main keyword is located within the text. ClickBump SEO has many variations for analyzing main keyword phrase placement: it suggests the keyword be placed in the title, subtitles, and in the first and the last sentence of the post. Sometimes it’s a good idea to highlight main keywords or other relevant notes in bold or italic, because that way you can better emphasize the content of your post. ClickBump SEO informs you of whether you paid attention to this factor.

Total Word Count Notification

ClickBump SEO presents you with the total amount of words your post contains: that way you can be sure that there is enough text. This feature is so obvious that I wonder why I even mentioned it.

Overall SEO Score Calculator

The whole purpose of all these minion-reports by ClickBump SEO is to determine the entire SEO score for your page or post. It’s right there on the right side of the screen, ticked red, gray or green. The plugin also provides at a glance look at all of your posts and pages main keyword and SEO score without having to enter the editor.

ClickBump SEO In-built LSI Function

When you write content, you want to make sure it’s diverse, so it will appear as quality to the search engines. The ClickBump SEO LSI feature returns you synonyms and related terms to your main keyword phrase. This option can help you make your text more professional and avoid keyword stuffing. The LSI keywords that are already in your text are highlighted and those that are not can be used to drag and drop into the content.

Additional Properties

When something’s amiss with your content and ClickBump SEO displays you alarming colors other than green in its tick boxes, you can get suggestions what to do from the plugin. That’s always helpful, isn’t it? You can also let ClickBump SEO automatically add “nofollow” tags to external links and internal cloaked links.


$37 and a 30-day money back guarantee isn’t a big risk. So you’re free to try it out.

Comparisons to Other SEO Tools

We’re going to briefly compare ClickBump SEO to Easy WP SEO, PushButton SEO and SEO Pressor.

SEO Pressor

SEO Pressor really has only one definite advantage over ClickBump SEO, and it’s not the price: it can target up to three keywords. Mostly everything related to primary SEO factors are included in ClickBump SEO and you really don’t have to make a choice between the two: it’s rather obvious.


ClickBump SEO actually fares quite well against Easy WP SEO in terms of price and some features like “nofollow” of cloaked links and category URL cleanup. But on the other hand, ClickBump SEO lacks long-term free upgrades and 60-days money back guarantee that are included with Easy WP SEO. The latter also analyses the entire HTML document versus ClickBump SEO’s content only; Easy WP SEO analyses the length of the keyword phrase and can do automatic keyword decorations while ClickBump SEO can’t. The title goes to Easy WP SEO here.

PushButton SEO

This SEO tool has a quite useful internal linking enhancer system that you can put to use by creating SEO targets. It also has options for getting variant and “incoming” keywords, so it’s sort of a keyword research tool too. It’s useful to have something like this in your SEO arsenal. You can also draw in authoritative info from other blogs and news sites. However, the only negative aspect is the price, which is 67 for a single site licence and upwards for multiple sites. If you have a budget, then I’d go for ClickBump SEO instead, because the additional features of PushButton SEO are not essential to your SEO effectiveness.

Seems Like We’re Finished for Today

ClickBump SEO is a good choice if you want an SEO plugin. It doesn’t cost too much and has all the features you need. What more is there to say?


Optimise your sites with ClickBump SEO.


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  3. im using Yoast SEO Plugin on my site but someone said that install Easy WP SEO Plugin for better results on same site, now my question is that can i use both on my site ?

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