Clip Juicer Review – Create many Videos Simultaneously to Speed Up Your Video Marketing Efforts

Clip Juicer reviewVideos are popular and a big part of what we see on the Internet every day. They are also a way for marketers to generate traffic to their sites and spice up the old plain article writing. Taking up web video marketing will surely boost your rankings and get you additional traffic. Anyway, I’m not exactly here to preach to you the benefits of video marketing, I want to tell you a little about Clip Juicer 2.0 – a video creator tool that can spin and join clips and images together to create many videos with different specifications at the same time! I’ll try to limit myself with only relevant information in this Clip Juicer review.

What is Clip Juicer Really?

Well, it’s like this – Clip Juicer is a very fast video builder software that enables you to create up to a hundred videos at a time and define what’s in those videos.

The Clip Juicer Journey

I can’t get very specific about Clip Juicer 2.0, because the software itself is really quite simple to use. What Clip Juicer does is mix up a bunch of material in your source folder to create a “video”. Mark my words, we are not talking about video videos, but rather makeshift ones that are pieced together from transitioning images and video clips supported by background music.

Clip Juicer Video Creation Process

Having mentioned that the videos created with this video creator tool are not exactly videos in the classic sense, I’ll run you through the basic steps you have to take in order to get a bunch of videos ready in no time. First you’ll have to designate a source folder that will contain the primary building blocks for your videos – they can be either videos or images. You can also set target folders for audio files as well as intro and outro videos or images. The volume level of the audio is up to you and so is the option to randomize the audio files or let one file play continuously. Clip Juicer 2.0 allows you to choose up to a hundred clips or images per video, create up to a hundred videos at a time and set the minimum and maximum image duration time, the transition time (plus the transition effects), and the video quality.

What Do Clip and Join Mean?

When you have set the parameters of your soon to be videos, you might be wondering about which button to press on the bottom of the Clip Juicer dashboard. By pressing the “spin” button, Clip Juicer 2.0 will randomly create the desired number of videos based on the set specifications. The “join” switch will use all the stuff in your source folder and join them alphabetically.

More Details

Clip Juicer supports .mp4, .mov, .mpg, .flv, .avi, and, .wmv video formats. The audio formats supported are .mp3, .wma, .wav, and .acc. The image formats are .jpg, .gif, .png, .tiff, and .bmp. The highest resolution of a video created with Clip juicer is 2048 and the lowest is 320.


Nothing too heavy – the single license is $17 and will allow you to install Clip Juicer on one computer; the dual license (which is $27) will allow the video creator tool to be installed on 2 computers; and the outsourcing license (costing $37) will allow Clip Juicer to be setup on 10 computers. You will risk nothing, because there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

This Clip Juicer review wasn’t long, but was to the point I hope. I think Clip Juicer 2.0 is a cool tool, but you will not be creating anything serious or original with it, because the software lacks the capabilities for it. There’s another similar tool called Article Video Robot out there that you can take a look at too.

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