Common mistakes when using social media with your business.

7 definitions of problems which might cause you problems with your businessYou may have noticed that most of your friends and relatives have an account in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Nowadays, social media is extremely popular – it gives the opportinity to share any kind of information quickly. That’s why it’s hugely benefical when craving for running your business succesfully. It’s necessary to move along with the trend. It’s no secret, that big, famous companies invest huge amount of money to promoting their products via social media, for instance, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. They’re all your potential customers!

The benefits of social media:

1) Huge customer base: Facebook (1 million users), Twitter (750+ million customers).

2) If your product is any good, the information about its benefits travels fast.

3) Your site will climb up in search engines.

4) Your sites traffic will increase.

5) It’s the fastest and also the easiest way to connect with your audience.

To start up, you’ll just need to create a fan page or an account, from where to promote your products/services. As we’re only humans, making mistakes, at first, is completely normal. What matters is how well you learn from your mistakes. In this article i’ll give you a general overview on the matter of the mistakes, made most often, when using social media with your business.

 1) You’re not trustworthy, not interesting.

You and your product are, who they are, don’t try to mask them to be something else. When it comes to business, your reputation is everything. Your customer won’t make a purchase unless he/she can’t trust you. Despite that, you can use some little tricks to make your products/services more desirable. Don’t go overboard!

 2) Lack of objectives.

Your marketing scheme has to be planned and you have to know what are your objectives. Otherwise you don’t even know how to develop your business further. So, find out who are your customers, where can you target them the best and what do you want to achieve.  These are the three main points to consider before starting your business.

3) Spamming worthless products.

With this, many have failed, and more will in the future. Your content, whatever it is, MUST be benefical. People buy what they value! So, have a decent content and show your online presence with dignity. Once you get to sharing some links, people will take you more seriously. It’s nothing more than just a psychological game.

 4) Poor communication with clients.

As you might have the option to make your blogs updating fully automatical, you still can’t forget the site. Your customers might have questions or maybe they want to give feedback. So, answering them is the best way to show,’ that your site is actively up and running. Otherwise, they’ll find new product or service providers.

5) Inadequate About Us section.

People want to know who they’re buying something from. That’s why it’s not rare when before making the purchase, they have a peek to the About Us section. If they consider making a purchase, the merchants well-written bio might just give the extra punch for buying. Contrawise, a poor bio might drive the customer away.  In a good bio, you should include your workfields and something about your personal life (etc. I’m a father of three wonderful children). Impression matters!

 6) Lack of patience.

As most businesses, online marketing and blogging are a long time commitment as well.  It might take more than half a year to establish a noteworthy followership. So be calm and patient. Eventually everything will straighten up and you’ll get the recognition you deserve, thereby an increase in your incomes as well. Patience is the key!

 7) Not taking the chance of using clever innovative opportunities.

Let’s say you have decided to go on a vacation. Thereby you wouldn’t have the chance to update your blog on a fixed regural basis. There’s nothing wrong with going on a vacation, but you have to understand that your blog still has to be updated. Now, if you aren’t aware of tools such as BufferApp or HootSuite, which publish your fore-written post on the date and time you have chosen, or you do not own a smartphone, in order to do it manually, your blog would probably get not updated. But when you’re familiar with those tools, your blog will be still updated, leaving an impression that everything is normal. It’s a clever way to keep your blog constantly running and profitable.

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