ComparisonPress Discount Coupon – Create a Price Comparison Site with a 30% Discount Using This PremiumPress Coupon Code

Simply put, ComparisonPress is an online affiliate store that enables you to set up price comparison pages. There is a slight edge to be gained when you build a price comparison website – it will allow the users to better navigate on your site and therefore come to a purchase decision more quickly.

How to build a price comparison site? Check out this ComparisonPress coupon I’ve got for you:

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…now you know that in order to create a price comparison site you only need to have ComparisonPress.

ComparisonPress Discount CouponComparisonPress Details

A PremiumPress theme for WordPress, ComparisonPress runs basically like many other PremiumPress themes that I’ve already discussed in this blog. You can import product listings using CSV or XML files, design your website by changing colors, layouts and more, you can let other people upload their product listings and charge them for it (a classic PremiumPress incentive for buying a theme), place your ad code in different panels on the page and manage your site in general from the admin area.

What’s the Potential?

Since ComparisonPress supports some of the top affiliate networks and enables you to import products from Amazon, eBay and Datafeedr, the product databases of which are immense, then you should have a pretty good chance of getting somewhere with your online store. Even more so, ComparisonPress can automatically import your feed file too.

ComparisonPress Product Comparison

It’s simple, really – when importing or adding products to your site, you just make sure that the process is marked as “compared products”. ComparisonPress will do the rest.

So, are you ready to build a price comparison website? Do you have what it takes to use this ComparisonPress coupon and take massive action? Oops, just slipped into an Empower Network kind of thing – you don’t mind, do you?

I have a full ComparisonPress review online too. Be sure and have a look for more information.

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