ComparisonPress Review – Create a Price Comparison Site for Your Affiliate Products with This Premium WP Theme

ComparisonPress Review - WordPress Theme for Product Comparison Quick Introductory Briefing

Happen to be an Internet marketer specializing in affiliate marketing? In that case you already know what the income possibilities concerning promoting affiliate products can be like. You find a good niche, import relevant products into your online store and get paid a commission every time people buy through your affiliate link. I’m going to tell you about a premium WordPress theme that can boost your affiliate sales by adding product and price comparison features to your store. As we all know it’s kind of addictive to choose products to buy when they are compared price-wise in a list.

ComparisonPress – Premium WordPress Price Comparison Theme

Without further ado, ComparisonPress is a theme that pastes an affiliate shop onto your existing WordPress site and includes the function of price comparison. It’s another ecommerce issue from the ranks of PremiumPress. I will give you more details about this script below.

Integrated Site Designer Functions

When you set up your store with ComparisonPress, you don’t have to worry about looking like every other store out there, because the way your shop will look is up to you. The design tools within the theme enable you to customize the layouts, colors, templates etc of your site without much hassle. Since getting the “perfect” color theme for your site takes time, I will not say that designing it is simple and easy.

ComparisonPress Product Import Features

Amazon, eBay and Datafeedr are the main sources for your affiliate products. You can either import the product list using a CSV or an XML file. If you update your feed file constantly, then ComparisonPress can be set to reimport the file automatically based on the schedule you choose. ComparisonPress also supports the best affiliate networks such as ClickBank, ShareASale, Linkshare and so forth.

Compare Prices Layout

From the list of products you have imported to your store you can choose those which will be compared in a separate box. Creating a product comparison list is relatively easy, as you just have to copy paste a product id to the parent or sub product id field respectively. Now the method I’ve just described works best for a small list of products where you want to be really exact about the products you compare. But if you have a large amount of imported products, then you can tick the options of comparing products by matching titles or just parts of the title and ComparisonPress will find the related products from your imported list. You can also pull the same products from different merchants to indicate a price difference.

Allow Visitors to Add products

You can let other people visiting your price comparison site submit products of their own to compare. You can do it for free, but charging them a little fee for it would be good business.

Cloak Your Affiliate Links With ComparisonPress

You will notice a “go to store” button under each product. This is your affiliate link and it’s pretty well disguised to seem neutral to buyers. It actually looks and feels better than a salesman-like encouragement to go and buy that product now!

Ads and Then Some More Ads

Once you insert your advertising code in the admin area you will be able to post ads into headers, footers and both sidebars. Nothin’ like a good old advertising bit.

Price of this Price Comparison Script

Even though ComparisonPress is a lucrative opportunity to make good commissions, paying nearly a hundred bucks (95.59 USD actually) for a premium WordPress theme might seem a little too much. But hey, that’s up to you. I tried to make this ComparisonPress Review as unbiased as I could, but the cost is always a sensitive part.

See what you make of ComparisonPress.

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