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Coupons are great for enticing people to buy as they believe they are being smart while taking advantage of a chance like that. The truth is, anyone who’s launching a discount campaign actually makes more money as a result because more people are buying. So it’s sort of a win-win situation. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Imagine if you could be that someone launching the abovementioned campaign – big bucks there, right? Possibly, as you can try it out yourself with a WordPress coupon theme called CouponPress the discount coupon code of which is here:

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CouponPress Discount Coupon CodeCouponPress – Low-Budget Coupon Code Website Theme

CouponPress costs some 80 dollars, which means that by applying the CouponPress discount coupon code this text introduced just now you can really say that it’s a low budget WordPress theme. Creating a coupon website with CouponPress is easy as it lets you just import tons of coupons from different affiliate networks, group those coupons and adjust their type. Of course you can design your coupon site too because CouponPress has an integrated designer tool that makes it possible. It also supports plugins and widgets and lets you charge visitors for submitting their own coupons to your coupon website.

Importing Coupons with CouponPress

To start a coupon website you must have coupons – so you can import them from the likes of iCodes, ClickBank, LinkShare and ShareASale. You can also add coupons manually in the admin area.

Grouping Coupons

You can use CouponPress to create custom online shops where you can put your coupons in a grouped manner with descriptions and images.

CouponPress Coupon Settings

When a person comes across your coupon site and click on a coupon, you can have it display in different ways. Settings such as “click to copy” and “click to reveal” are at your disposal. You can also create direct links from coupons to products and add printable coupons features.

Designer Tools

Nearly all WordPress themes come with a designer tool – so does CouponPress. You can customize images, layouts, colors and displays within CouponPress. The tool is quite simplistic, so don’t expect much from it. However, you can make use of advanced equipment like sliders.

How Does CouponPress Make You Money

Aside from the famed monetary potential of dealing with coupons, this WordPress coupon theme also lets you set up sort of membership packages that you can arrange yourself. So if people are looking for a site to upload their coupons to, you can oblige them for a little fee. Of course you can use the advertising panels in CouponPress to copy your ad code into and make use of the integrated email system.

More CouponPress Fun

You can cloak your buy links and use affiliate links instead, or the other way around – make your choice. CouponPress is unencoded, so you can mess around with it all you want. And turn your coupon site into something much more that CouponPress can offer you out of the box.

CouponPress Discount Coupon Code 30% – almost a third off the original price.

See my CouponPress review for details.

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