CouponPress Review: Things You Need to Know About This Theme

Couponpress review - WordPress coupon website themeWhy would you need a coupons website anyway?

The answer — to make money. I’m sure you agree it would be unnecessary to explain why. But to explain how a coupons site would help you earn some would be useful information, right? By having a coupons website you can make some good money off commission. Let’s say a discount comes on a product — you add a discount coupon for that product on your website, plus your affiliate link. Now a customer buys through your link, you make a good percentage — depending on the company and product price — and everybody’s happy.

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Ah, CouponPress, what art thou?

If you’ve heard of ShopperPress, then some basics about CouponPress may not surprise you. The program is a makeover for WordPress, a premium theme to be exact, which turns the latter into a coupons code website with everything at your fingertips to start making money via affiliate commission. Personally, my fingers are itching to get myself a copy of CouponPress, because it seems so easy! And it is.

How can you set it up

You gotta have WordPress first, then you install CouponPress and can just press the reset button to install all of the default settings and be ready to go!

Features, features, features

Number one — you can install CouponPress as much as you want. Set up countless different coupon code websites if you want; it won’t cost you a dime more. Secondly, the fact that the admin area — your base of operations — is browser-based, is cool, because this way you can log in from anywhere there is an internet access to manage your site. Third — sky’s the limit for the content you can add to your website! Add coupons, deals, printable coupons, anything.

Design and customise your website with CouponPress

More than 10 built in website designs to choose from, a child theme framework to customise and develop your own designs, on/off display switches turn different elements on or off — that’s some design freedom! In addition, CouponPress supports lots of plugins and widgets and has a file editor for you to see and edit the core theme files. What I like is the nifty language packs solution which makes it nice and easy to mess around with your website text — all the text is placed into a single language file. Add new language files, no hassle!

Advertise, get indexed by lots of search engines and use email to promote your stuff

There’s some advertising space included, so you can insert the advertising code in your admin area, which has a built-in header, footer and sidebar area for that specific purpose. In order to have a business, you have to have customers, and this is where SEO comes into play. Make your site with CouponPress and get noticed! You also have an in-built email managing system which can be used to send emails to members who have joined your website. Personally, I think littering people’s mailboxes with promotions is quite annoying, but it can be good for business, if you choose do to so.


CouponPress has many built-in payment gateways from Paypal to Money Bookers. You can start receiving online payments by the details of your payment provider in the admin area and let CouponPress do the rest! To earn some extra dough on the side, CouponPress enables you to allow members to submit their coupons to your site and charge a small fee. Business!

Managing Users

CouponPress has areas for admins, employees and members, allowing for a more automated site. Members can manage their own accounts and coupons which means that you don’t always have to be present for everything.

Why get it

It costs only 79 bucks — that advantage over paying some specialist to set up your site — opens up some other advantages. CouponPress is easy to use; you don’t have to be a programmer to understand the works. But if you are a programmer or someone with some knowledge of the field, then you’ll be delighted by the source codes! Do your thing. Quick setup possibilities like CSV import tools and iCodes import tools can help you to get your business up and running really fast. Not bad, yeah? Have a go at your own take on CouponPress. Go have a look at Responsive Coupon Theme.

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