Creating Popups in WordPress

How make popups appear in a WordPress siteHow to do it? How to create pop-ups that appear in your WordPress site? We’ll it’s rather simple, really. Just use a WP pop-up plugin like PopupDomination and you’re bound to like the lightboxes popping up on your site in no time.

PopupDomination is a WordPress Lightbox Popup Plugin

By using Popup Domination you can make your site more dynamic and customer-oriented as you can customise your pop-ups and designate where on your site and at what time the pop-up box appears.

Popup Domination Popup Design Options

You are the master of the pop-ups you create; you choose the color, the images and the text they display. You can also designate a specific preset theme for each pop-up to vary the effect.

Popup Scheduling

It would probably be a good idea to put yourself in the person’s position who is visiting your site. If you throw a pop-up in their face even before they get a chance to learn what your site is all about, then they might leave. You have control over your pop-ups with PopupDomination: you can set pop-ups to appear after a number of impressions or even create an exit pop-up for one final chance at glory.

Analyze Your Progress

PopupDomination provides you with analytics functions and A/B testing of different pop-ups for different pages that help you gain an understanding what pop-ups with what design and content you should use. This sort of feedback contains valuable information on how to plan your pop-up strategies.

Worth the Trouble?

Flashy pop-ups will enhance your site’s overall quality. The more professional you make them look, the more trust and authority it asserts. PopupDomination is the tool that can achieve that goal. Just remember that what counts the most about your site is its inner beauty: that is, the content.


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