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Datafeedr review 2013 - create online stores instantlyDatafeedr is a WordPress plugin

There’s more to it than just that. It is a VERY USEFUL WordPress plugin that sets up or embeds an affiliate store into your WordPress blog in no time at all! That is, if you’re at least version 3.0. But I’m sure you are. “Commencing with the Datafeedr Review“.

Right to the point — how much is it?

I’ll give you a heads up about the cost. It has four priced plans. Plan one lets you have one store with unlimited products, and you have to pay $27 a month for it; plan two has five sites and has a monthly cost of 47 bucks; plan three supports 10 sites and 67-dollar payment a month; the final, unlimited plan, is a monthly 97 USD. You can try the product out within 30 days and if you find that it isn’t for you then you can get your money back without any questions asked. Interested? If yes, then I’ll tell you what this baby can do.

I’ll have a feature rich shop, please

For those of you who don’t know — messing around with raw data feed files to get a nice online self-updating affiliate store up and running is a tricky and time-consuming business if you are not familiar with programming. Datafeedr provides a clean solution for that problem for both beginner and pro affiliate marketers by converting data feeds into affiliate store web pages. The shop is fully customisable and you can pull a ton of products and their descriptions from 30 affiliate networks.

What do I do now?

You choose the plan that suits you, download and install the plugin and start setting up your shop. Everything else is details that you have to decide yourself — what products you want, what kind of categories for them you need, and how you make your store look. As you can choose products from a bunch of merchants, you can create your own original niche or multi-purpose online shop. Once your store is ready, import the feed into your WordPress blog.

Some Datafeedr advantages

Since there are literally millions of products to choose from in the Datafeedr database, you can set up specifications and keywords for products you want to promote and filter out those that you don’t. You can have nearly 100, 000 products in your store and you can also keep them updated automatically for any changes in price or availability.

Some features you might benefit from as well

I’m not going to list a complete overview of all the features and functions, but will mention a few to spark your interest. First, Datafeedr is not going to take any of your commissions. I personally liked the fact that the services provided by Datafeedr are unbranded. No link or text will have the annoying “Powered by…” stuff in it. I think that if you have already bought the product then is promotion enough and it’s for you to decide whether you want the product logo appearing anywhere. You can embed products into your blog posts to increase the probability that the readers will check out your store too.

Additional info on customisation

You can customise every page of your store such edit product titles and descriptions, add images, and set a limit for the products shown on a page. If you’re more advanced then you can create your own custom templates and even use PHP to do so.

Final thoughts

Since Google doesn’t take well to duplicated content, you should try to make your store as unique as possible. Especially the product descriptions tend to repeat everywhere, so make your site stand out. Also, keep in mind that getting approved in affiliate networks might take time. As is usually the case with other products, you really can’t lose with Datafeedr when there’s that 30-money-back-no-questions-asked-guarantee thing going on. Pick your plan, and test it out.

Darafeedr is the brainchild of Eric Busch and Stefan Everaet, and they provide quick support for their product, so if you run into any difficulties, contact them.


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