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DirectoryPress Coupon

You already know what this is about – I’m giving you a DirectoryPress coupon code, so you could get the PremiumPress theme for a lower price. Of course what I’m doing here is kind of marketing and promotion because otherwise word wouldn’t get around about this product, nor would you get it any cheaper. The standard price for PremiumPress themes is usually around 80 dollars – take it down by 30% and you get a number that’s more satisfying. The DirectoryPress coupon is here:

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DirectoryPress Coupon CodeIntroduction to DirectoryPress – Build a Directory Website

Having a large directory website at your disposal is a cool thing to tinker with because you are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to listings. You can add new listings from the admin area by choosing the categories and setting titles. DirectoryPress also comes with a designer tool like other PremiumPress themes, so you can give your directory site a makeover. Setting up membership packages is not a problem either, so you can make additional money for charging other people for submitting listings of their own. DirectoryPress supports a bunch of payment gateways too.


In that sense, DirectoryPress is like any other PremiumPress theme – it has a basic designer tool that you can use to alter colors, layouts and images. Oh, and there are sliders too. It’s nothing fancy, but it will get the job done until you want to mess around with the source code which is totally accessible.

My Presonal Opinion on DirectoryPress

Since this was supposed to be an introductory text anyway and you’ve got the DirectoryPress coupon code, I see no reason why I shouldn’t level with you on this PremiumPress product. I see potential in directory sites, but the trouble is that there are so many of those websites out there already and every one of those people behind them thinks they have something special. A WordPress theme like this makes it all nice and simple, true, but it could use some more possibilities on the design part which would greatly enhance the outlook of your directory website. So it’s a product for mass audience.


Every single theme release by PremiumPress advertises itself as a source of income that mainly relies on membership packages. You are the one who has to set these packages up, meaning that you have to determine how much they cost and what are their limitations when it comes to things like image uploads and categories. DirectoryPress also comes with some affiliate functions that enable you to earn a commission. Advertising panels are also ready for use.

If you want to know more about DirectoryPress then you can take a look at my DirectoryPress review. It’s much more detailed than this little snippet then main purpose of which was to equip you with the DeirectoryPress coupon. So it was a success from the start, right? 🙂 

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