Do I Need Any Technical Knowledge? Do I Need to Know How to Make a Website?

When you join Empower Network , you are given your own website.  All that is needed for marketing is encompasses within it.  You can make changes to the design of the website.  For example, you can change the background image, the colour of the links, as well as a range of other things.

The Empower Network blog can be used in two ways:
1. In the environment provided by Empower Network. Example:
2. Linking the blog to your own domain.  For example,
NB: The most reasonable domain name is the one that ends with .com

I recommend that everyone link their blog to their own domain and that you buy your  domain from

Please have a look at this video about the setup:

Since I have the technical knowledge to make my very own website, I personally do not use the Empower Network blog.

If you wish to join Empower Network, please see the special bonuses when joining the team.

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