Easy Empire Profits Review: Guidelines How to Earn Decent Income Online

Easy Empire Profits reviewEasy Empire Profits, huh? So what’s the deal here?

Easy Empire Profits is a software + tutorial pack on how to get rich online. I know, I know – a classic cliché. When I checked out the video on the product’s home page, then I thought to myself: „Another one of those?“. This guy goes out of his way to sell you this product and uses quite clever psychological marketing tactics to do so. However, the selling gimmicks aside, at times there is actually real sincerity to his thoughts that complement the sound reasons and easy-enough guidelines why to buy the product and how to succeed with it. He’s on to something: let’s see what that might be.

Online Profits User Manual

The product as a whole is about series of tutorial videos, PDF files and some primary software that help you build your “online kingdom”. There are 8 steps to you need to take toward that goal. But let’s not be hasty. Easy come, easy go, right? Maybe. Let’s break it down.

Step One – The Basics

This is what I would call the part where you obtain background knowledge on how to start building your profitable online business.

Step Two – Set Up your Profit Centres for Free

Simply put, profit centres are the websites that make you money via affiliate commissions, ads etc. Easy Empire Profits will show you how to create these sites for free.

Step Three – Buy Domain and Hosting

At this point you are shown how to purchase a domain name and hosting, because it will elevate your income rates. The section will also cover the tips on how to choose products that sell and keywords that get traffic to your sites.

Step Four – Amazon Business

Here you can find guidelines on how to make it as an Amazon affiliate. The tutorials will show you how to tweak your game in order to get commissions from Amazon even if a potential buyer who has read your review and checked out the product on Amazon decides to buy something else.

Step Five – Create Your Own Products

You should start thinking about creating your own products when you have some money to invest. For example, if your efforts in the affiliate business are starting to pay off and you are looking to expand your reach, start fiddling with the Paypal Profit Centre. Create digital products like eBooks, DVDs and MP3s and sell them!

Step Six – Organise

The Easy Empire organisation software has everything you need to stay focused on the task and keep your business from scattering from your view.

Step Seven – Drive Traffic

Getting traffic to your sites is very important. I probably don’t even have to say this, but traffic is probably the second most important task in your quest after coming up with an idea what to sell or what to do. The tutorial videos will explain how to create your traffic centres that direct interested buyers to your products.

Last Call – The Sum of the Parts

This is a formal summary of all the steps mentioned. It’s nice, but you can do well without it.

The Software

In addition to the main program you get two more: the Easy Project Manager and the Easy Link Grabber. The first one already suggests its own purpose – managing your projects and keeping an eye on other tasks related to them. The Easy Link Grabber gets you backlinks by finding sites that have similar content; it also lets you leave comments at these websites.


Easy Empire Elite

This additional pack is basically eight weeks of more training on affiliate marketing, niches, building lists and so on. If you have 295 dollars, then you can afford it. Knowledge costs if you want the shortcut. Of course, you can find all that information yourself elsewhere, but it will take more time.

VIP Profit Portal 

This automatic article builder uses keywords and product information to generate unique articles which it publishes. It costs $197. I don’t know how you take to automatic content creation, but I would avoid it for the sake of quality.

Dark Net Traffic System

You can use this thing to get backlinks in a more advanced way than with the abovementioned Easy Link Grabber. 198 USD is some price to pay for it. Don’t rush to buy it as there are cheaper ways for doing this.


Since I’ve already gone and told you how much the add-on packs cost, then it’s time to discuss the price for Easy Empire Profits itself. It’s $49.

Conclusion and Some Other Thoughts

The 49 bucks is not much and you can get it back within sixty days if you don’t like the product. I’m honestly sceptical about these sorts of offers and don’t fall for them. But Easy Empire Profits seems to be the real thing because it’s not about some magic do-it-all program but more like a guide. The developer is honestly selling information and I bet that he knows that you can find it yourself if you wanted and knew how to. But that’s just it. Most of us don’t know how to make real money online. For $49 I’m willing to find out.


I told you that the product introduction video on the home page was a bit too much, but it had a point. Have a look at Easy Empire Profits – it won’t kill you.

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