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easy wp seo review - best onpage seo wordpress pluginIntroduction to this SEO Magician

Easy WP SEO is the WoprdPress plugin you need to optimise your site and the keyword density for search engines. This SEO tool easily has the upper hand on most of the other similar ones out there. We’ll have a look at that point later on. But right now I’ll tell you what Easy WP SEO has in store for you in this 2013 Easy WP SEO Review.

Easy WP SEO is the Key to Keyword Density

“Thinking of the key, each confirms a prison”. Ripped out of the context, this quote from a poem nearly a hundred years old still rings true. In this case the prison is inaccurate keyword calculation and the key is what we are talking about — Easy WP SEO. Anyway, what I meant to say was that Easy WP SEO increases your keyword density by taking into account the amount of words in a keyphrase. The likes of SEO Pressor, SEO Beast and ClickBump SEO will consider the phrase only as a one word only.

The Entire HTML Document vs Post Content

Most likely you have some other stuff you want people to see on your website aside from the post. Things like sidebars and widgets, headers and footers are also noteworthy, isn’t it true? Easy WP SEO analyses everything you’ve got. That can’t be said about other WordPress SEO plugins.

Features for Your Entertainment

The fact that Easy WP SEO optimises your page content for 23 on-page factors, which is more than other SEO tools, is already a reason to prefer it to them. You can optimise your content for a number of keywords, LSI included and get SEO suggestions about what you should change or modify. One interesting function is the presentation of readability scores that can help you determine whether your semantic wording is intelligible to the minds of online interlocutors.

Video Tutorials

Easy WP SEO has instructive videos about all the features embedded in the admin panel. I like my new features explained, don’t you?


The URL Analyser allows you to optimise any page you want on your site. This goes for your home and archive pages too. If you want to make sure that your content is relatively original, as opposed to completely plagiarised, then you can check it out from the WordPress admin panel. It would be a good idea to use this function before you publish anything so that you can make a couple of unique tweaks before letting the world know. The tool allows you to select or unselect any analysed on-page factors as well.

Does it mesh with WordPress themes?

The more popular ones, yes. Thesis, Headway, WooThemes, Socrates, CatalystTheme etc have all been tested and do work.

Comparisons: ClickBump SEO

When compared to ClickBump SEO then Easy WP SEO does quite well. It only has three shortcomings. The former doesn’t have the automatic “nofollow” of cloaked links ability, it also lacks LSI keyword highlighting and category URL cleanup. On the other hand, ClickBump SEO doesn’t have nearly half of Easy’s functions while it has the same cost and 30-day money back guarantee instead of 60-day money back guarantee, which is the case with Easy WP SEO.


SEOPressor has only one function that Easy WP SEO does not. That is the automatic insertion of keyword in post title. Whether you think it’s any good is your own opinion. I find it relatively unimportant. SEOPressor costs 60 dollars more than Easy WP SEO and the latter analyses nearly double the amount of on-page factors than the former.

PushButton SEO

The main competitor. PushButton SEO costs several times more then Easy WP SEO and has more advanced internal link building capabilities. It also has some keyword research functions, which is pretty useful to have. You can also get authority links to your content from the dashboard if you have PushButton SEO. But Easy WP SEO can target more keywords and is generally more simpler to operate and understand.

Infamous last words

Buy it.

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    You can also get authority links to your content from the dashboard if you have PushButton SEO.

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