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Email Addresses ExtractorFinding yourself in a dead end of your scarce email list is a frustrating feeling. Wouldn’t you just love to have a software that can scan the web and return you a big list of emails to get your marketing campaign really going? What you need is a bulk email extractor that can do the job quickly and efficiently. I’ll share some of what I know to help you find what you’re looking for. There’s an email extraction tool out there and it’s called Atomic Email Hunter.

Atomic Email Extractor – How to Extract Emails from Websites

This website email extractor software works like this: enter an URL and wait for the program to scan it and return emails, or enter keywords to find relevant sites and get email addresses from them.

Building Your Email list With Atomic Email Hunter – The Shortcut

It’s very easy to grow your email list with this email extractor, because you’ll be getting large amounts of data. The program has filtering options for search terms and the number of email addresses extracted per site, and also a timeout.

Targeted Email List

Since Atomic Email Hunter is an email address extractor that can dig up any sorts of emails that might not be relevant to your niche, it’s up to you to transform that random list into a targeted email list by being as specific as you can with the search.

The Two Search Types of This Mailing List Builder

Atomic Email Extractor is integrated with 42 search engines and can perform a fast or an in-depth search. You’ll get more email addresses with the detailed search, but it will take more time. The fast one, on the other hand, gets results quickly, but the list will be not as big.

An email extractor software like this  could be the cornerstone of your effective email marketing campaign; so go check out my full review of Atomic Email Hunter.

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