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Email Marketing Director 5.0 reviewWhat’s in a Name?

This one is another bulk email sender system, folks. If you’ve read my reviews about Atomic Mail Sender, SendBlaster 2 or Interspire Email Marketer, then a brief look at Email Marketing Director 5.0 couldn’t hurt either. Just like those other programs I just mentioned, this software is also easy to use and is designed for the regular user with minimal technical knowledge or skills. Now that we’ve settled with the introduction, let’s uncover what this bulk mailer suite can do.

Features Related to the Email Design Part of the Equation

You can pull nearly 200 templates to design the perfect email or mess around with the inbuilt advanced HTML editor. In addition to that the software lets you design emails in Adobe Dreamweaver and some other similar programs. The Email Marketing Director 5.0 database contains custom fields for you to use in order to make email messages more personal like adding names and other subscriber-only info; but for some special effects you can upload pictures and add links (including the unsubscribe link). And let’s not forget the preview function.

The Part Concerning Your List Management

Just import a mailing list from a .csv file for example and configure the list the way you want. Two types of importing are available: accelerated and standard. The first might be used in case you’re importing bigger lists and the other when you want to preserve custom characters and formats. You can also intelligently merge lists. The amount of lists you can have is unlimited.

The Email Campaign Part

You might want to make use of the database filtering that makes it possible for you to send emails to specific subscribers. There is, of course, the always useful option for scheduling when your emails get sent too. Aside from that, the software automatically detects bounces and prevents sending duplicates as well. Too bad you have to remove them manually yourself. You can also create a “Do not Mail” list and save all your campaigns for later reuse. To conform to your ISP limitation it is possible to slow down the speed of mailing in Email Marketing Director 5.0.

Reporting and Tracking Functions

These functions are relatively basic. You can see the emails that were successfully delivered as well as get unsubscribe reports and error logs, but what you don’t know whether the emails were opened or not, or whether the links were clicked and by whom. To get all the functions that would satisfy all related questions and feedback requirements then you would have to purchase a bigger suite from the same line of programs, costing you an additional 1000 dollars or so. Not too peachy, eh?


If you have a spare 500 bucks then you could afford it. But if you want support and upgrades for an additional year, then pay some 150 more and that’s it.

Good Things

You can try the whole software out for free should you consider buying it. The free version limits the number of emails per send to 100. So be sure and try it out. There is also a big manual for the software,

General Comparisons with Atomic Mail Sender, SendBlaster 2 and Interspire Email Marketer.

Atomic Mail Sender costs 60-something Euros. Email Marketing Director 5.0 costs a lot more. Of course, the former is as basic as can be when compared to the latter, but it can be upgraded step-by-step. Still, I would choose Email Marketing Director 5.0 because it is more professional and less dubious. Now, SendBlaster 2 is software that imposes some serious competition on our boy, because it is way cheaper and has almost all the functions of EMD. So, many people, including me, would choose SendBlaster 2 over Email Marketing Director 5.0. For the final act let’s pit Interspire Email Marketer against EMD. In my opinion Interspire Email Marketer crushes Email Marketing Director, because it just has more advanced functions when it comes to every aspect of the software.

The Last

Email Marketing Director is good, but it isn’t the best. You can get a better product for the same price and an almost as good product for several times less money. I would think real hard about buying it if I were you.

If you like the software then get to the developer’s site and buy Email Marketing Director 5.0.

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