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Best Email Sender SoftwareAtomic Mail Sender is a mass email marketing software that is able to send a huge number of emails at the same time. The obvious benefit to gain from a mass email tool like this is saving time and effort on your part. Imagine if you had to send bulk email one by one through different servers – it would take a whole lot of time. But with Atomic Mail Sender – a super email sender, to be exact – you can relax and sit back as you watch the bulk email marketing software do all the hard work for you. You interested?

Atomic Mail Sender – Reliable Bulk Email Sending Software

Before I introduce the software to you in detail, I’ll tell you how it works in really simple terms. First, you import a mailing list (the list containing the email addresses that you want to send bulk email for marketing purposes), then you choose an SMPT or a proxy server, and customize-personalize your emails to prepare them for sending.

Mailing Lists Import Features of This Mass Email Marketing Software

Atomic Mail Sender allows you to import mailing lists containing unlimited numbers of email addresses from a range of files (.csv, .txt, .doc and so forth), from Outlook, from the clipboard, and from other Atomic products if you happen to have them.

Bulk Email SMPT Server Functionality

You can choose from up to three SMPT servers that can help you send bulk email with this email sender software. Atomic Mail Sender has an inbuilt SMPT server, and supports both external and partner SMPT servers.

Atomic Mail Sender Built-In SMPT Server

The SMPT server that has been integrated with this mass email marketing software enables you to send bulk email only if your provider approves of it. If not, you’ll have to find another way such as one of the two described just below.

Atomic Mail Sender External SMPT Server Possibilities

You can send bulk email with this email sender software by making use of the external SMPT servers. You have to find and designate these servers yourself and prepare them for use with Atomic Mail Sender. You can have an unlimited number of external SMPT servers and the super email sender in your hands will use them in multithread mode.

Atomic Partner SMPT Servers

Since Atomic Mail Sender is a software for bulk email sending that is basically ready to go once you have obtained it, then why waste any more time? The Atomic partner SMPT servers are available for use through the Atomic SMPT service, and allow you to start your email marketing campaign with the email sender software without any further hassle.

Send Bulk Email by Using Proxy Servers

You can send bulk email with this email sender software by using proxy servers. Atomic Mail Sender supports Socks4, Socks 4A, and Socks 5 proxy servers. The Atomic bulk email solution also analyses the status of proxy servers.

Atomic Mail Sender Email Customization

The Atomic mass email sender software allows you to do all the basic stuff for preparing your emails for sending, as well as customizing and personalizing them. You can insert Facebook and Twitter widgets into emails for better social networks visibility and credibility; insert two types of unsubscribe links (unsubscribing via email and via website), and personalize your email messages. The latter in the context of this bulk mailer tool entail inserting personal contact information into one or more of the fields within the email.

Send Bulk Email with Text Spin and Spam Check Enhancements

Using the text spin feature of this email sending software is rather easy – Atomic Mail Sender will insert a random text slice or a word (defined by you) within emails to make them more personalized or simply to make them vary in size to avid spam filters.

Atomic Mail Sender Spam Assassin

The spam check tool of this mass email marketing software is nifty and useful as it can help you avoid your email messages ending up in the spam folder. Spam assassin will determine the overall spam score of your emails and will advise you on what to do to reduce that score and how to keep it at bay in the future.

Other Features Supported by This Mass Email Sender Tool

In order to send bulk email and kick off your email marketing campaign you need a bulk email sender software that can help manage your mailing list. The Atomic Mail Sender Unsubscribe wizard automates and simplifies the process of removing the email addresses of unsubscribers from your mailing list. The email sender software can also give you detailed reports on your bulk email sending campaign, as well as help you sort and manage your mailing list with the built-in list manager.


The price is 69.85 euros.

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If you didn’t get all the info you needed about this mass email marketing software from this text, then you might want to take a look at my Atomic Mail Sender review as well.

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