EmployeePress Discount Coupon – Subtract 30% from the Original Price of This WordPress Job Board Theme

Here’s another opportunity for you from the PremiumPress camp – create a job board website and generate substantial income. Having some online job boards in your back pocket around the Internet might prove to be a good decision, because people are always looking for jobs. Anyway, the EmpoyeePress coupon you need to create a classic job board website is right here:

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EmployeePress Discount CouponWhy Would You Need EmpolyeePress?

Why would you need anything that has the potential to make money? The answer lies in the question itself. Sure, there are risks that you won’t make a dime, but that’s just another one of them “what ifs” that gets in your way. By being the owner of an online job board, you have the right to dictate what happens there and how you can make money off of it.

What’s EmpoyeePress About?

It works like this: you can import jobs to your website with EmpolyeePress job import tools from Indeed and stir up some action on your site that can attract visitors and people looking for work. Those people can sign up to one of your membership packages (the price of which is up to you) and then start bidding for jobs. It’s the same with employers too: they get accounts as well, plus they have to have membership packages which enable them to submit jobs. The people looking for jobs can also create multiple resumes. So, the main way you make money is via membership packages.

What Else?

This WordPress job board theme lets you customize your online job boards too: make changes to colours, layouts and other things. The theme is also advertising ready and lets you place your ad code in different areas on your site, plus it has an integrated email manager system as well so you can take a stab at email marketing.


If you’re convinced – use this EmployeePress coupon -, if not, see my full EmployeePress review.

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