EmployeePress Review – Easily Build a Job Board Website with This WordPress Theme

EmployeePress Review - Easily Build a Job Board Website with This WordPress ThemeGuess What?

PremiumPress is at it again, only this time we’re talking about a theme that can help you create a job board website which is the link between employers and employees online. EmployeePress is equipped with several necessary features required to get you started as quickly as possible and make running your job board site easy. We’re gonna go ever some details of the theme in this EmployeePress Review.

Build a Job Board Website – Why?

Think about it – there are always people who are looking for work, freelancers for example. And there are always those employers who are looking for freelancers to hire. You already see what I mean, don’t you? This WordPress job board theme can make you money. Yeah, I’ll start from that.

EmployeePress Member Submissions

There hasn’t been a single PremiumPress theme I’ve reviewed so far that hasn’t had a function for people to submit something to your site and pay for services in the form of a premium membership package. Your main targets are the employers because they can afford to pay for submitting jobs, not the ones looking for work. Imagine if you charged unemployed people for your services – that would be rather pointless.

How Does EmployeePress Work

After you have activated the theme you need to add jobs to your website, otherwise it wouldn’t be a job board website. You can add jobs in several ways. EmployeePress allows users to add their own jobs, which you as an admin can edit and manage, you can also import job using a spreadsheet or import them straight from Indeed.

How do some Other Features of EmployeePress Work

Once your site gets busy handling employer and employee actions there are several measures you can take to enhance the communication between the parties. Both employers and employees have different profiles that are created when they sign up to your job board site and an email alert system which notifies people involved when a new job is posted is also active. The classic information employees require is a resume, job applications and a CV – EmployeePress allows users to upload multiple resumes and attach them to job listings. Sites such as Freelancer, oDesk, Elance and others have a job bidding system which enables employees to bid for a job and employers to choose an application respectively- EmployeePress works the same way.

Search Infrastructure

The way the search tool operates is up to you. Determine the search fields in the admin area and your site is ready to go.

PremiumPress Standard Revenue Features

EmployeePress is not without features for additional revenue – these are advertising slots and panels, sliders for product promotion and an email manager for site internal marketing.

EmployeePress Site Management

This premium WordPress theme obviously supports many WordPress plugins and widgets and allows you to design your site yourself. Logos, colors, graphics, layouts for pages, buttons, text – everything can be customized. You even get support for Google Maps, Google Adsense and Google Analytics. There is also a built-in site overview chart system which you can use to monitor your revenue progress.


79 USD.

Did this code work for you?


After going through the EmployeePress Review at hand, I do believe that the theme is worth your money, because it has a very practical and real-life application. Sure, it’s quite basic, but that’s no problem after you make the right connections to drive adequate traffic to your site.

So go get EmployeePress and link up those employers and employees.


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