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Empower network reviewIntroduction

First off, I am not a member of Empower Network and therefore cannot provide you with firsthand user experience. Secondly, I’m always suspicious about reviews stating that they are completely unbiased, whereas all they do is promote something in the end anyway. Everyone usually has one agenda only – and that is to make money. Third, I’m not trying to sell you the product, I just thought I’s share with you some of my impressions of Empire Network following my research of it.


Empower Network was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe, and launched back in 2011. There are “rags to riches” stories about them both, so it should click well with the average person in the same situation . That being said, they know who to market their stuff, as Empower Network has gone quite viral recently. Let’s skip to something more important.

What Is Empower Network?

It’s sort of an affiliate program that hands you an SEO-optimized blog on their domain, which has a high Alexa ranking with free hosting. The product is a suite of tutorials and videos created to give you a better understanding on how to market your products, how to drive traffic and how to generate leads.

Basic Membership Level

You can start off with the Empower Network blogging platform which comes with a quick training manual that gives you instructions about getting started with your blog and when to write posts. A blank theme template is ready for use too. There’s also an extra added cost to that: you get the basic membership for 25 dollars per month, but it is suggested that you purchase the e-wallet on top of that (20 bucks), to which the Empower Network delivers your income. The next step is the Inner Circle Upgrade, which will give you access to a great deal of audio training and includes the specifics on how to drive traffic.


The Inner Circle Upgrade

This is the next step, which will give you access to a great deal of audio trainings and includes the specifics on how to drive traffic, convert leads and covers the field of psychological marketing tactics. Adding it to the first level, the cost will be $125 plus the merchant fees.

Costa Rica Intensive

This part basically involves “secret” information to make your online business thrive – traffic, outsourcing etc. This has a one-time cost of $500.

$15K Formula

Next up is an additional instruction module, which is a piece of training that further breaks down the techniques of successful online marketing and also the technical side of it. The aspects discussed are list building, creating good content and setting up profitable solo ads among others. The three C’s run through the whole training – creating traffic, capturing leads and converting sales. Building links and SEO tactics are also included. Since the goal is to create revenue of fifteen thousand dollars a month, you have to pay 1/15 of it – $1000.

Costa Rica Masters

The final part of the puzzle is the Costa Rica Masters Course. If we skip the obvious list building techniques, lead and traffic generation, then the Daves talk about how to improve your life, the psychological tips how to win over people and potential customers. Since we’re talking about 3500 USD here, then the material contained within is understandably kept a secret.

So How Do You Make Money With Empower Network?

Well, having a blog that’s all set up and that ranks high in search engines is a good start. What you do is write about anything, but you should write daily. From where I’m standing the main thing about making money with this system is via recruiting new members into your Empower Network team. The title says MLM in it. That’s short for Multi-level marketing. How it works in the context of Empower Network is that each member gets paid for their downlines as they recruit new members who have bought an Empower Network Product. Contrary, you have to pass some sales upline. You can’t earn a commission if you don’t own the product yourself. This approach differs from your usual affiliate commissions, doesn’t it? And by the way, the commissions paid out are 100%. A simple explanation: let’s say you bought the basic membership and the Inner Circle upgrade. That is $25 + $100. The  system works like this: you pass up your every 2nd, 4th and 6th sale (after you reach the sixth, you pass up only every 5th sale and get all other sales) and get paid for every 1st, 3rd and 5th. Remember, you make sales for products you own. If you don’t own the $100 package, for example, then that sale will pass on to your upline. Now you initiate a friend into the Empower Network. The same system applies for them as it did for you. Easy reciprocity.

Suggested Commitments

Empower Network urges the users to follow the eight core commitments. They are as follows: you have to activate the payment plan (become an affiliate with them), blog and market daily, support and coach new members, listen to audio lessons regularly, read every day, listen to Empower Network hour calls and attend its events. I can sense a team spirit in this, plus it also encourages people to evolve themselves.


This is the first product I’ve seen that actually tries to rally people towards something. It’s crucial that you understand the message of the developers. Now, I’m not saying I buy into all of these online moneymaking systems, but Empower Network really does push all the buttons to get one buy the product. It’s directed toward the person who may be having financial difficulties or who yearns for freedom but is carrying a burden of a dead-end job. Talking about these matters is a very clever technique as it goes beyond every regular marketing trick. The one thing to remember is that no online program can do everything for you and it can’t get you instant money. You have to work for it and learn new things constantly. Empower Network provides you with the guidelines how to achieve success but only you can make it happen.


Having a team to back you up when you sign up is a big deal. This will allow you to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. The entry-level membership is cost effective, because you can make it back by promoting Empower Network for starters. An authoritative blog with a high ranking is good for your other online business ventures as well, as you can use it to promote different products for example. The philosophy behind Empower Network is sound, and the fact that they market it so aggressively (whether it’s for money or indeed for the good of the world) will benefit everyone with half a brain. You don’t have to buy the product in order to learn something new.


The price levels from the Inner Circle up are quite scary. We’re talking about thousands of dollars here.  You’ll just have to take their word for it and take a plunge, which is what sometimes you really need to do. That’s basically it, I’m sure you’ll find out everything you need to know about the company when you sign up.


Again, Empower Network is a system that relies on your own initiative. If you don’t really believe in it then don’t get it, because it’s no bed of roses to make a decent buck online. As I already mentioned, the price is steep if you want instructions, so make sure you are well covered in that department. I understand the marketing brilliance and the inspiration of the now rich guys behind this product, but I wouldn’t trust it so easily because of the same reasons.

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