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FB FanBoom ReviewBoom, Boom, On Go the Lights – Let’s Talk About FanBoom

Ever heard of f-commerce? Maybe – Facebook is so big that there might as well be a specific term to describe how the marketing system works there. I’m writing this text to tell you how you can tap into that system via a premium Facebook marketing solution called FanBoom. Anyone involved in Facebook marketing would benefit from using FanBoom because the tool is built specifically to get the best out of Facebook when it comes to commerce. FanBoom uses a simple but effective strategy to get your Facebook business going – there are four fundamental steps you need to take in order to achieve that: create unique Facebook pages, get their engines fired up on Facebook, get people interested in what you have to offer, and finally turn those interested people into loyal customers. FanBoom is here to take you through these important steps. I’ll break it down for you.

FanBoom Page Builder

I bet a lot of people have great Facebook marketing ideas, but sometimes these ideas fall flat because the exterior is out of place. By out of place I mean that the Facebook pages tend to look alike, diminishing customer interest in the process. Ideally it should be the idea that counts, not the background – but this is marketing, so you have to pay attention to every detail. FanBoom can help you with that as it has many preset themes for you to choose from and the layout module combination possibilities are wide. When the mesh of themes and layouts is done, throw some widgets into the mix directly in the widget module or content module sidebar and have a look at what comes out.

Theme and Layout Customization

You can tweak your page elements with the FanBoom style editor. Be it background, site font, content or widget areas, you name it, you can alter it. FanBoom also provides you with full access to CSS, so you can make all sorts of changes to your page. When it comes to fonts, you don’t have to worry about being unimaginative – let your creativity loose on more than 500 Google fonts ready to be applied to your page text.


If you liked the bunch of Google fonts, then you’re going to love this one. FanBoom comes with a cool button generator which makes it possible for you to make use of and style a ton of built-in icons and buttons to enhance your pages. The buttons work with all prominent browsers.

FanBoom Interactive Slideshows, Slidesets and Accordions

I’d really like some slide options with my Facebook marketing campaign. Okay, here’s what FanBoom can do – there are seventeen transition effects you can choose from in your slideshows, including the Ken Burns effect, to make your content and images more exiting to the users. You can also create showcase boxes with FanBoom which preview the headline and a slice of content for shortcut. Content can be showcased in the style of tabs, tabs bar and list as well. Slidesets are similar to slideshows in a way that they too give a quick scoop about your content, but use different effects of transition. Accordions are another way to add variation to your page experience – you can use them to fill up available space on your page and have them display some content when clicking on their header. Combine slideshows, slidesets and accordions and you’ll give your fans and users an interesting ride.

Connecting the Pages Created with FanBoom to Facebook

Once you have set up your super-duper pages with FanBoom, it’s time the for Facebook world to know about them too. The drop down menu is where you can add the name of the tab to be published as a FanBoom page you’ve created to Facebook, and set image and fangate settings. You can add a maximum of ten tabs to a single Facebook page you might have and make use of the multi-user function which enables a FanBoom account to have any number of users with defined access capabilities.

Use FanBoom Fangates for Effective Facebook Marketing

This is where the f-commerce I mentioned earlier really gets going. There are three gates: the Like-gate, the Share-gate, and the Connect-gate. They all serve one purpose and that is to bring you more fans and therefore potential customers. FanBoom really is a sneaky devil of a Facebook marketing solution – I’ll tell you why.

FanBoom Gate 1 – The Like-Gate

What this gate is all about is sealing the full content of your Facebook page off from non-fans unless they click the like button. They want what you have – so they’ll click it and you got ‘em!

FanBoom Gate 2 – The Share-Gate

The Share-gate aims to increase your Facebook presence by requiring fans to share a message on their FB wall in order to get access to the content you’ve hidden from them. They’ll be coming on like hungry wolves and spread it to their friends too. Expect a horde!

FanBoom Gate 3 – The Connect-Gate

The third piece of the fangate puzzle is the Connect-gate. This one works similarly to the previous gate in terms of message sharing, but it also snaps the email of the user who shared the message for your autoresponder list pleasure.

The FanBoom Possibilities for Attracting More Fans – Competitions

After you’ve filtered enough people through your fangates, it’s time for something more fun! With FanBoom you can set up competitions like sweepstakes and amass an army of followers while doing it by rewarding the partaking fans for sharing the contests. You can also add the entrants to your mailing list for email marketing purposes.

You Can Blog on Facebook Using FanBoom

The developer behind a Facebook marketing solution such as this has equipped FanBoom with a very useful function. It is the possibility of being able to create a blog that is integrated with your Facebook page. This really ties the ends up nicely as you only have to see to it that you get people to like your Facebook page and not worry about SEO or none of that.

FanBoom Facebook Store

On top of everything else FanBoom also has a store builder system. Now you can sell stuff directly from Facebook and design the store to a degree as well – there are preset CSS styles and widgets available for use, plus much more. The main payment gateway is PayPal, you can integrate coupons and make the store an affiliate shop if you don’t have anything to sell yourself. The rest of the store works like any other online store.

FanBoom Fundrasing

With FanBoom you can now accept donations on Facebook. Whatever you need the donations for, you can set up two different fundraisers. You can have simple ones – the donor chooses the amount to donate and will be charged through PayPal after the donation is made. And you can have advanced ones – these have goals and will show a progress bar that shows how much is complete. The payments will be processed only after the goal is complete. You can also reward donors for a specific sum, send default thank you messages and use widgets for shortcuts to your fundraisers.

Countdown Timers for Adding Spice to Your Facebook Business

Sometimes people take action at the last minute. This is often true in real life situations and you can make use of this psychological aspect in Facebook marketing as well. You can add countdown timers to your offers, competitions or product launch dates to attract people to join or buy. The countdowns can be customized and they have two general styles.

Bring in YouTube and Twitter

You can add YouTube videos to your Facebook page, hide controls and have them auto-play when the page loads up. Having tweets display on your Facebook page is also a piece of cake with FanBoom as you only need to enable the Twitter widget and get it published. You can have the tweets appear based on specific conditions like a certain word or a user. There are three styles available how to display your tweets.

Comparing FanBoom to WP4Fb 2.0

When it comes to WP4FB 2.0 vs FanBoom then I’d go with FanBoom because it has more features like the Facebook store function, countdown timers, fundraising, and more thorough customization possibilities.


There are four packages. The basic FanBoom package is free and does not contain a whole lot of features, but mainly because it’s free – so take it or leave it. The Pro package has more features and starts from $17 per month. The Elite package which starts from 27 dollars a month has everything except the rebrandable pages option which enables you to lose the FanBoom logo from the page footers. The Elite+ package starts from a monthly cost of 97 USD and comes packed with all the features and has a fanpage limit of 25. You can get a test run on all the packages as a free trial.

What Do I Make of FanBoom?

I myself am not a big Facebook fan, so you might expect me not to be an enthusiastic FanBoom fan either. However, this tool does provide marketers with a decent set of features they can take advantage of in Facebook – all personal opinions and moralities aside I’m all for this product. This FanBoom review concludes a-boom boom!

Make sure you go see FanBoom for yourself too!

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