FB Ad Suite Review and a Big Bonus Pack Worth Over $2500

Okay, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this WordPress plugin, so I’ll make it as short as possible. FB Ad Suite is a tool that gives you the ability to display Facebook-type banner ads on your sites – be it affiliate sites or regular WP content sites. This Facebook banner ad creator designed by Eric Nelson and a friend has the potential to skyrocket your clicthrough rates and the money you make when people click on your ads. I’ll point out some of the basics of the tool in this Fb Ad Suite review.

FB Ad Suite – Mimic the Impact of Facebook Banner Ads

Fb Ad Suite is basically about arranging and creating the banner ads on your sites in a way they are presented on Facebook. The developer, Eric Nelson had uncovered that Facebook banner ads were making their owners a lot of money, because they had discovered the perfect formula. When you see a lot of likes, shares and comments beneath a banner ad displaying a product, you think to yourself: “hey, this could be interesting”, and you click on the advertisement.

How Does FB Ad Suite Work

You can choose to implement up to three affiliate networks such as Amazon, eBay or LinkShare to pull affiliate products from. You can put them all to use at the same time too. FB Ad Suite then enables you to choose the frame and image border colors of your banner ads, the profile picture advertising that product, the amount of likes, shares and comments, plus the images of people that have commented on the product, liked or shared it. You add a Facebook banner ad to your post by just clicking on the blue-white FB Ad Suite button on the left.

FB Ad Suite Widgets

Simply drag & drop the Facebook Ad Suite widget into your main sidebar and fill out the information in the fields. You Facebook banner ad will then display on your site with the preferences you’ve set.

Some General Info on FB Ad Suite

When you enter a keyword into the form of your Facebook banner ad to be created and choose an affiliate network to go with it, you can rest easy knowing that the product corresponding to that keyword will be pulled automatically from the affiliate network databases. This saves you a lot of trouble having to search for a specific product yourself.

For Your Consideration

Internet marketing like any type of marketing involves a lot of nonsense and I’m not talking about the hassle you have to go through to promote products and get traffic. The nonsense is that sometimes this game gets a bit unethical. Like this FB Ad Suite for example – it’s all fine and good, clever even, but having the option of uploading random profile pictures of people who probably even do not know that their picture is being used by some marketer and typing in any number possible in the “like”, “share” or “comments” field when in reality there is none, equals with something evil in my mind.


The multi-site license (up to three sites you own) is $17.17, the unlimited sites license is $27.49, and the unlimited sites developer license is $47. I think the price is cool and the product is worth trying. You’ll get a user manual too and can get a full refund within 15 days after the purchase.

FB Ad Suite Bonuses

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